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Cat is currently stuck in the Poconos (Whitehaven, PA, to be specific), after spending all day yesterday on the road in the middle of Pennsylvania. I-80 is closed both ways due to snow and ice -- they're just not letting anyone onto the highways.

She regrets to inform that she will not be appearing in NYC or at Boskone (or anywhere else, until they open the highways).
Current quest is to find food (Denny's is out of food, and there are people sleeping on the floors of the conference rooms in the hotels, refugee-style).

Stay tuned.

EDIT: I now have rudimentary internet access in the hotel lobby and an all too apropos icon by compass_rose. This is like actual hell. Can't get out, can't go home. There is limited food in town, as trucks can't get in to deliver it and some people haven't been able to go home for three days. This is the only hotel with room not involving the floor of a conference center and it's way expensive, despite being without room wireless of any kind, so there goes my money. Will post about all of this when I feel the safety of civilization again. It would be hilarious if it were somebody else. Right now I'm just exhausted and shell-shocked. I go back to my overpriced hotel bed I can't afford and sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I can get home by some circuitous route of semi-open highways. THIS SUCKS.
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