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Art Show

Ok, it looks like there is enough interest from the artists out there to make a stab at this gallery show idea.

I've contacted a gallery here in Cleveland and they've said they're very interested, and can probably get the Plain Dealer to cover it. It might be possible to get gallery space in New York, too, and make this whole show a traveling circus.

This can happen.

So. If you expressed interest, and are serious about it, please send a formal submission email to Detail what media you would like to use (seriously--I count anything as art, so don't be shy) and give me a link to some of your previous work, unless I already know you and am a big fan, which is not an insignificant portion of my flist. Include your name, contact information, and whether you are willing to have your piece auctioned. We'll get a formal submission page up on the site as soon as possible. There will be a small selection process, though nothing high-stress.

But! I am not about to ask for art without paying you! That would be extremely silly. If you appear in the show, you will get a package which will include all manner of lovely things, including a writ of citizenship of Ajanabh (august city of artists featured heavily in the sequel), a coveted Orphan's Tales Crew shirt (as soon as we find a company that prints shirts in bulk), and an early peek--earlier than anyone--of In the Cities of Coin and Spice. And possibly other cool things as I think of them. And you also get to take part in a gallery show--always good for the resume.

So come one, come all, tell your friends, spread the word. Hopefully, we can get the IAF involved, as soon as I figure out how one approaches them. And if you can't come to the launch(es), feel free to hold your own fireside reading...

Speaking of firesides, we here in the east are going to be buried in snow tonight, so everyone stay warm. I'm glad we went to Niagara last weekend. Of which I shall have pictures shortly, and another swooning entry about the zen of the midwest.

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