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Here We Go, Into the Wilde Blacke Yonder...

Up late again--the drive to Boston [Arisia] requires odd hours. We leave in about three. The dashing naufiel is for some godforsaken reason allowing us to sleep in her home, and for this we are ridiculously grateful.

Do you suppose there will be a Who scarf for sale anywhere? Is it that geeky a con?

We need to streamline the con process somehow--make a con kit. I'll be damned if I can think of any efficiency plans, though.

At any rate--hope to see some of you at the con. Please do find me, I'll be about. I've confirmed that Orphan's Tales copies will be available in the dealer's room.

My cell is under the cut. I'm definitely open for socializing between panels, so give me a ring.

Also come to the reading. Readings where no one shows are teh suck.

No rest for the weary/wicked. I also found out today that divorce papers have been filed in California in my absence, so it's just a spiffy evening altogether. In six months, give or take, I'll be a mademoiselle again. Nothing ever really turns out like you plan.

Did I mention I'll be working on the book while driving to a convention to promote it? (Not at the same time, obviously.) I need a vacation in the worst conceivable way.

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