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Carnivale Diabolique
Ok, it's getting near that time when The Orphan's Tales plans may be revealed and further organized.

In the next few weeks, a website will occur. Many more things will be both plain and available then.

It may have been fairly obvious that S.J. Tucker (s00j) and I are thick as thieves these days, and like thieves we are very tricksy with our plans. And a little fast and loose with them, so a lot of this is still slowly coming together and in the works.

I will be joining S.J.'s tour for an as-yet-to-be-determined number of shows throughout the fall and winter. Which is of the w00t. We will probably have a couple variations under our belts, depending on bookings, but when I am with the circus, readings of The Orphan's Tales will weave their way into S.J.'s already amazing show, made all the more unmissable by the release of her new album, Sirens.

When is Sirens hitting the world? October 31st. Our babies are sharing a birthday and a nursery. To celebrate that, we are holding a dual launch party in Cleveland, OH, on October 28th at The B-Side. Mac's Backs is hosting the event, which begins at 6. There will be songs, and specialty drinks, and readings, and costumes, and a raffle, and all kinds of other fabulous things, MC'd by the devilishly handsome Kevin Wiley. If you can make it, you are invited. Drop a comment and we'll get you on the e-vite list. If you are anywhere near Cleveland, you won't want to miss the extremely high coolness factor here. Incidentally, if you are a performance artist in the area and would like to make a brief appearance, let us know and maybe we can put you on the bill.

Also, if you are an author or artist who would like to donate anything for the raffle--signed books or zines, ARCs, sketches, paintings, etc, please contact us.

The big news, at least for me, a squealing S.J. fan who is still just flabbergasted that the Siren herself wants to hang with a lowly, out-of-work anchorite, is that S.J. is putting together an EP of songs based on The Orphan's Tales, which will be for sale at the party and at our dual shows. There will be a free mp3 on the website when it launches, and let me tell you--what she has done totally floored me.

The day after the party we are heading to New York for a reading/concert on the 29th, and hopefully a house concert on the actual day of release, being Tuesday, Halloween. Details on that forthcoming. Again, if you are in the New York area, you are invited to these things. Upon returning to Cleveland, I will be at the World Fantasy Convention for the weekend of November 3rd.

After that, well, we're looking for venues. So this is an open call: we very much like doing house concerts, and if you would like to host a singer and an author for a night of fairy tales and fairy music, comment to this post or email one of us. We are very nice and do not bite unless bidden. Obviously, if you have a contact in a bookstore or musical venue who would be interested in having us, please do let us know. But the house concert is uniquely S.J. and uniquely suited to The Orphan's Tales, which really should be read out loud, in the dark, by a crackling fire.

Want to go to the circus? The circus can be in town any time you like.

At the moment we are mostly looking for shows east of the Continential Divide, but West Coast shows may be possible in early 2007. Hence the yet-to-be-determined length of my joining said circus--it is determined by you, and how many of you want to have us in ur living room, doin r artz.

And so it begins...

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(Deleted comment)
Ditto! I'll be posting details as we have them.

I'll also be in NYC on October 18th for the KGB reading of Salon Fantastique, if you want to come and meet up then.

We'll have you. Atlanta or Boston, wherever we are. *nod*

Fabulous! Let us know what dates you have available for each city?

Will do, when I know move date... variables in motion!

You're looking at touring *after* Halloween, yes?

Yes. Most of November is currently up in the air, some dates in September, and of course the new year.

'k. I'm hoping that'll be Boston. But, like I said, variables up in the air.

Thankfully, I should know soonish.

And do keep me on the invite list for the big party - I'll make it if I can. It's a slim chance, but I want to!

Absolutely! If you want to donate a Shayara issue for the raffle, that would be awesome! (If there are any left.)

Like I said, in Boston December 2nd, so around then is a good time for that city.

I can spare one, I think... I will dig through my stuff. Don't know if anyone will be interested! *laugh* Maybe a hardcopy of the Primer, if it's out by then.

I'll keep you posted. :)

Where by September I mean December.

I was thinking it was at Mac's itself. Where might I find the B-Side?

It's on the same street in Coventry, next to the Grog Shop.

Barring things like hospital admissions, death, or the heartbreak of psoriasis, we shall be there!

It looks like I'll be part of an Ann Arbor contingent consisting of myself and otterkin and possibly xtatic1. Can't wait!

Hooray! Can't wait either!

Ooh, my housemates and I might be able to do that...we can talk more when you're here, if you like.

hurrah, NY!
can't wait to hear more details :).

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