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This Thing, Which You Will See EVARYWHERE

Oh, and the voting is going on for The Babes of Xmas.

I don't expect to get in, even though I had a lot of nominations. The fact is, a lot of other girls want it way, way more, and are willing to do way, way more to get it, and take off far, far more once they do.

These are my pics from last year. I'm a modest girl in my kimono.

But should you want to see pics of me, possibly painted like a medieval manuscript, you vote here.

But you know, I have "back," and am zoftig, and ain't no soft porn cover girl, so you may want to vote for the actual cheesecake. Also, I ain't no hollaback girl. I don't know what that is, but I'm fairly sure I'm not one. Also, bananas. See? I'm so "with it."
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