February 18th, 2011



I have returned!

I am snowed under with emails and mailing (oh god, I owe many of you things to be mailed and I suck and am sorry but it'll all be out by Monday!) and things to be done, but I am back online and will be dropping f-bombs and snarking once more quite shortly. (Oh, and note for Omikuji subscribers--the free month thing was on account of missing December, the newest is going out today.)

I also came home to a lovely spring crop of deadlines! Hurrah! I hope you guys like, er, me, because it seems there will be rather a lot of, er, me, about this year. Poems and stories and novels, oh my.

What did I miss? (Borders, yes, I heard. Oof.) Anything else?
c is for cat

Announcing My Candidacy for Eastern Regional Director

An exciting thing has occurred. At least, I am excited I hope you will be excited.

I am running for Eastern Regional Director of SFWA as of right now.

I know!

Essentially, Mary Robinette Kowal and John Scalzi have done amazing things for the organization, and I don't believe in standing on the sidelines of the community that makes up a large part of my professional and personal life. We need a strong advocacy organization, because let's face it, things are getting increasingly real out there, and working together to provide that rising tide to lift all boats is the only way we will get to have the world we want.

I'm pasting my platform below, but if you are a regular reader of this blog you know I have Opinions on the Field, and am not afraid to express them. I am also happy to hear any concerns and issues other writers may have or want me to consider/address in my candidacy, especially if you live in the Eastern US, but good ideas and valid points come from all over.

The SFF community has been my family for years. SFWA is like the family meeting, and I want to contribute to it in a meaningful way.

From my platform, which you can read in full on the SFWA forums:

I’m running for Eastern Regional Director of SFWA. I have been an active participant in the SF/F/H community for six years as an author, editor, award judge, and blogger. I have lived in the Eastern US for nearly the entirety of my publishing career, and am keenly aware of our particular conventions, issues, and needs. I believe deeply in the power of our community to bring authors together to share knowledge, promote science fiction and fantasy as the diverse and innovative genre it is, and protect each other as we move into a new and uncharted era of writing and publishing. I also believe that SFWA has grown into our best platform to accomplish that. For years, I have been an outspoken commentator on SFF with particular attention to the concerns and struggles of women, people of color, GLBT, and other marginalized writers. I would like to apply that history of advocacy and community-building to the betterment of our membership. 

Please do vote!