November 12th, 2010

prester john


So I was super tired and sick when I wrote the Prester John acknowledgments. I had to get them in quickly and my brain was off. So I forgot a couple of important, really, very important, thank yous and I want to put them up here where likely more people will read them than in the back of the book, since most people ignore that backmatter. I have been feeling terrible about the mistake and will now rectify it. No writing acknowledgements while sick!

See, I could not have sold this book without bram452 , who is really a god among men. He wrote a pitch for me, because I suck ass at writing pitches, and it was an awesome pitch, clearly. What's more, he and Melinda Snodgrass sat with me in a cafe in New Mexico and being the brilliant people they are broke the plot of the whole trilogy, in the way that only people who know narrative in their bones can do. It remains one of the most exciting creative afternoons of my life. The writing workshop Rio Hondo, where I met these folk, gave me critiques that changed the shape of the whole book and made it writable and publishable in a way that it was not before. I am eternally in the debt of all the Rio Hondo members, but bram452  and Melinda really showed me the light in the dark places.

Also, the entire genesis of the book was deliasherman  and Theodora Goss's kind invitation to submit to the first Interfictions anthology, at which point I wrote the short story that wanted to grow up to be a trilogy. They were both so supportive--I'll never forget running into Delia at Readercon and having her tell me how much she loved my story--I was still a young nothing writer then and her enthusiasm was like a sweet cup of coffee.

Thank you, guys, I could not have done it without you, and am a dumbass for not saying so in the book itself. The sequel will fix it.