April 30th, 2010

c is for cat

Birthday Links

Today is the first day of my birthday weekend! I know my birthday is actually on the 5th, but I was born on a Saturday, and I don't see why the universe shouldn't conspire to make my birthday magically always on a Saturday!

Yes, this means I was also born on Derby Day and Opening Yacht Day.

I don't think anyone will make it up here tonight, but nevertheless I plan to drink and play Rock Band with the roomies (no Rock Band allowed at the party tomorrow. Y'all know I love me some plastic guitars, but it takes hold of a party with an iron grip and won't let go, so no one gets to talk or do anything else.)

Because we have shotglasses with Mario invincibility stars on them. Also 1-Ups, the Companion Cube, the Triforce, Totoro, and Thundercats. I feel we must invent shots of appropriate colors to go with each. Good thing yagathai , master of food and drink, will be here!

I am very excited. We will be watching She-Ra and Leprechaun and possibly Dirty Dancing. I will wear my hair in braids.

In the meantime, I has links!

In which I am interviewed at Cabinet des Fees regarding poetry, mythpunk, and knitting, and also a poem of mine regarding Cinderella is reprinted (possibly for the first time online.)

In which my friend
seanan_mcguire  has a new book about zombie politics (oh yes) called Feed out and you should buy it.

In which a worthy film project seeks funding: Titania, directed by Lisa Stock, a beautiful filmmaker, and based on a poem by Terri Windling.