April 4th, 2010



Just came back from a warm spring walk around the island to find my email and Twitter filling up with squees. Which tells me the word is out.

Palimpsest has been nominated for a Hugo for Best Novel.


I still can't really believe this is real. I never expected it to really happen--this is the Little Book That Could in so many ways. And to have something sex and queer positive on that mainstream ballot is pretty amazing.

I've been sitting on this news for two weeks and just about every day I had to remind myself that it had actually happened and wasn't a dream. When I found out, I just sat down and cried. Kind of a lot. Last year was such a hard year, and it's definitely not a book that everyone loved, like The Orphan's Tales, and I'm not even 31 and I just didn't think this was on the table for me for many more years. I'm floored, and thrilled.

Thank you to everyone who nominated it, to everyone who believed in it, the Palimpsest family, all of us, connected by pages and red rope.

And to my editor Juliet Ulman, who is also nominated!

Congratulations to everyone on the ballot, too many of my friends to mention in one post, and not a few of my heroes. I gave an interview over at Amazon, so all my other freaking out can be seen over there.

Now, as I have this giant Apology Coupon form Expedia due to honeymoon nonsense, I am actually going to cash it in and go to Australia. I can't miss a chance to wear a pretty dress and be there--who knows if this will happen again? So the question is, who else is going, who lives near Melbourne, who wants to hang out, how long should I stay, and what should I do while in Oz?

And since justbeast  will be in Spain with his parents, and I can't bear going to things alone, who wants to be my SF arm candy?

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