February 22nd, 2010


Seattle Trip

So, I am coming to Seattle for five days.

Arriving March 3rd, leaving March 8th. By the way, flying from Portland to Seattle involves some annoying flight times, I tell you what.

My schedule is looking like this:

Wednesday (3rd): free after I land
Thursday: Jewelry lesson with elisem , then I'm reading at the Night Kitchen at 7:30. Please to be coming to this! I'll take requests as to what I read in the comments. Anything on my hard drive, it's yours. I'm super excited to visit the Night Kitchen restaurant and thrilled they want me to read!
Friday: hanging out with triskelmoon  and sarapada  (right, guys?) in some form and duration.
Saturday: Totally free, day and evening. I would really love to see my Seattle friends, so please let me know what your schedules are!
Sunday: I am going to see this:

Because I love Anna Vasilevskaya and her music and it is Necessary. (You can listen to it on the internet). I've been invited to the after party, which makes me shriek with fangirl delight. So I'm free during the day up until the concert (which is of course open in case anyone else wants to go.)

I didn't arrange for a car as some of you said you could help me out in that arena? So, please let me know if you can pick me up from the airport (I'll be staying at stealthcello 's house, though it will be sadly bereft of a stealthcello ) and/or give me a lift at any point over the weekend. Seattle driving is scary, yo.

I really hope to see you guys--my train and circus family, my Seattle darlings. Ping me!
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First off, happy birthday to s00j , my sister and shipmate, whom I love more than mangoes.

Second! Due to the magical connections that s00j effects, I have been working on a secret project for awhile now. It seemed like a good day to announce it.

I wrote a children's book--specifcally, for pagan children, illustrated by W. Lyon Martin and published by her Magical Child Books press, the same that did s00j 's book, Rabbit's Song. They're doing a series to teach the wheel of the year, and I picked Mabon.

Smoky and the Feast of Mabon is available here for pre-order
, and it's all lovely and illustrated and full of weird CMV bits, despite being for quite young readers. I'm particularly pleased with the image of Smoky herself on the cover--not all pagan kids are white, and I love her sweet face.

It comes out in August, and I hope those of you with kids will enjoy it!