February 18th, 2010

c is for cat


That knitting group I mentioned at the awesome Seaport Yarn on Fore Street in Portland is tonight.

I hope some tiny portion of you who read this and are local will come--even if you don't knit, hey, they have free wifi and I'll teach ya. (I think we'd all like to see chang3002  wielding the needles.)

I will come bearing cookies. I'll even wash my hair for the event.

In other news, I will be in NYC the weekend of March 20th for a fabulous trio of events surrounding the launch of Chicks Dig Time Lords, the book of Doctor Who essays by female fans that I am in. We're doing a reading, we'll be on Hour of the Wolf, and some other yet to be determined Thing.

As our roomies are big Who fans, I would like to bring them along. Can anyone in the big city put up four friendly souls?

(Seattle is still happening, I'll be there from the 3rd to the 8th.)