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c is for cat

Rules for Anchorites

Letters from Proxima Thule

Choo Choo
Green Wind
So today I woke up feeling very ill, that scratchy back-of-throat kind of Imma Get Sick Soon, Ok? thing. So I decided to let my body sleep as long as it needed to.

Which was apparently til a briar thicket sprang up around the house. Paging local princes and princesses and their weedwhackers of destiny.


I feel somewhat better now, though the throat is still making disgruntled noises. 

Changing subject, for those of you who don't know, I will be at Arisia on Friday the 15th and ONLY Friday the 15th. I am not going to the con, as I have a novel due and can't spare two weekends in a row, but I will be performing Friday night with s00j  and stealthcello --if you missed our Giant Palimpsest Tour, here's a chance to catch it!

So, I would like to take the train to Boston, because trains are at the heart of our show, and also because I could work on the train. If I did that, could anyone pick me up at the North Station and bring me to the con? Possibly bring me back in the morning?

Does anyone have spare room in their hotel room or someplace close to the con?

The next weekend, I will be pulling my first Guest of Honor gig at ConFusion. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. I have TONS of programming, such that others worry about my sanity and I just say HOORAY! I get to talk about awesome stuff for hours! I have a panel on cartography! On folkloric symbols! On authorial passion! I am thrilled. Also, if you want to see me at ConFusion in a non-panel capacity, make your requests now. My schedule is filling. (I'll be performing with Sooj on Saturday at 10--with a special first-time-anywhere song/reading!)

I'll be in MI on Tuesday to hang with earthgoat and her clan. I have some social time, thus. And I'll be at con parties, and hopefully a luncheyklatsch on Sunday. Dance card is in the comments.

Also, I have the most kick ass outfit for judging the masquerade! Maybe I'll bring my wings to Arisia, too...

Finally, check out karnythia 's new crowdfunded serial Mirroring the Monsters. She's in unemployment hell--read and give if you can!

Fun with Work In Progress:

Chapter the Third, in Which A Certain Morbid Orchard Entraps a Pilgrim, Whereupon He Devours An Entire Cannon and Engages In Debate With a Number of Sheep.

Prester John is really an ornery little bastard of a book, but man, sometimes I do get to have fun.