November 30th, 2009


The Day in Question

Noodling up a big post for today, but in the meantime everyone's doing their general end of year holiday wishlists, so I thought I'd put mine up, for family and friends and anyone else who might wonder what to get me.

Firstly, anything still on our wedding registry is what we really need and want. We took forever making up that list and there's not much that's not on it, except for--

Books and media, which are on my Amazon wishlist

But if you want to buy me a book or an album...I'd love a copy of your favorite book or album, so that I can think of you when I read it or listen to it, and there can be connection, which is what gifts are all about.

I also always love yarn and especially love things you make. So many of you are amazing artists and if you want to give me something, something from your own hands is always exactly what I want. See above, connection.

And, in an obligatory fashion, if you're looking for gifts for others, I write books, and they make great gifts, as does an Omikuji Project subscription. (November Omikuji, unforgiveably late, is going out today. December will go out this week. After this, normalization will commence.)

In other news, not having justbeast here in the mornings is brutal. Mornings used to be coffee and kisses and hugs, and now there's none of those, only a cold empty house and housemates gone or not awake yet and unlikely to kiss me or hold me til I wake up anyway.

And why won't it snow already?
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