November 17th, 2009


Everything and Nothing

I'm doing that thing where I feel like I can't post about anything until I post about the wedding, and the rest of the honeymoon.

But I am also physically pretty messed up right now. I understand that my body needs recovery, which is possibly why I'm sleeping way more than usual, but I'm also waking up with a splitting headache that lasts for hours. And this morning, it's worse, since I'm getting hateful comments after AOL did an article about ExpediaFail.

And then there's my foot.

I suspect what happened is that I walked on it in heeled boots in St. Petersburg (I swear, all the women do, even the older ones. I have never seen so many amazing shoes--both beautiful and oh my god how can you walk on that needle? At least mine were chunky stack heels) and because the streets go on forever and ever into the sunset, I strained something in the ball of my foot badly.

My usual response to pain is to ignore it and behave as usual. This is a standard Child Raised as Christian Scientist response, even when the pain hits intolerable levels. You grin and bear it because someone once told you that doing otherwise meant you were not God's perfect child. So obviously, when I went to the Interfictions 2 reading on Friday in Boston (which went beautifully and I got to meet Brian Francis Slattery) I wore the super cute teensy heels roomette got me. And walked around Cambridge. And then Portland.

So basically, the situation is that now when I put pressure on the ball of my left foot it feels like I'm walking on bone and someone is simultaneously ripping my toes off. I've been couchbound for yesterday and it's looking like today, too. Except for hobbling on my heel.

I meant to film a trailer for Under In The Mere this week, but lack of walking killed it. Tomorrow, I hope. I am going to try to make it out to my izbushka-office today to work on Omikuji--so sorry it's late, guys, it'll go out asap, but everything is in chaos. After this month it'll be back to normal.

And starting Monday I'm just going to post about everything until it's done and I can get back to blogging proper. (I am twittering regularly at @catvalente, btw.)

Ugh. Body, this is not cool.

It is broken. We look for things to make it go...