November 3rd, 2009

Lost Girl

Nothing But Net, Expedia

I guess you can't have a wedding go as amazingly well as ours did and not pay some kind of cosmic price.

We are currently stranded in Frankfurt, Germany.

When we booked the honeymoon to Russia with Expedia, we were told that we did not need visas.

Did this seem odd to us? Yes. So we called and talked to Expedia in person and were assured that we did not need visas. We had no reason not to believe this information.

Only to arrive in Germany, attempt to board a plane to Russia, and be informed that boy howdy do we need visas.

We have been here for almost six hours, dumping euros into the phone to try to fix this somehow. Because justbeast is fluent and was born in the Ukraine, he managed to talk the Russian consulate into some kind of exception, if we could get a visa letter of support from Expedia.

Who refused.

We found another company to provide one. Theoretically, we spent the night in Frankfurt and pick up our visas at the consulate in the morning (as they are busting their asses over there, with 10 am to 1 pm business hours). Theoretically. Any number of things could still go wrong.

We are both beyond exhausted. We have been traveling for more than 24 hours. We need showers. My legs and feet got all swollen on the plane from not moving. I've cried a little. If I never see the inside of Frankfurt airport again it'll be too soon. And on top of that, we have to pay a truly obscene amount of money for a hotel room tonight, of which Expedia grudgingly agreed to cover less than a third, as they have no documentation of someone telling us we didn't need visas when we did. Funny how you might not write something like that down.

I hope we'll be laughing about this tomorrow. Right now, I ache and just want this Brazil bullshit to end.

But the wedding was so wonderful. I'll post about it, when I'm no longer marooned.

Fairyland will update when and if we get to our hotel. I am sorry--the situation was out of my control.

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Lost Girl

National Day of Unity??

This is getting to levels of awful I can't even describe.

We got a visa invitation. All we need is to take it to the Consulate.

Which is closed tomorrow for a holiday. Meaning the earliest we could get to Russia would be Thursday night. Giving us at most three days.

And we're out of money. This has cost more than half of what the whole trip cost, and we've been penalized severely for changing our flight, on top of it all.

Both of us are just sitting here with our heads in our hands. We don't know what to do. We just wanted a honeymoon and now we're stranded, with no money, in a strange country, and fucking Expedia refuses to help us. Do we just turn around and go home? This hotel is so expensive, and we can't afford another night. I just don't know how to Pollyanna this.

Fuck. Everything seems pretty fucking dark right now.


Having some free time on our hands, the penultimate Fairyland chapter is up.

Chapter XXI: Did You See Her?

Donations are, as always, appreciated, and especially so right now. I don't feel comfortable putting up a tip jar, but Fairyland has always run on the donation model, so if you feel moved, it is there as it has always been.

There is a Facebook group that's started a phone campaign to Expedia--it's here.

Thank you all for your support. I'll keep you updated.