September 23rd, 2009

c is for cat

(no subject)

  • 12:48 Long day ahead of me. Must forage for food. Then work, work, work. I'm actually writing a love triangle. Kill me. #
  • 12:48 Sigh. Need some new music. #
  • 13:19 I can't really use streaming sites for music because I can't have internet while I work or, you know, I won't work. #
  • 16:18 Goddammit, chapter, why won't you start? #
  • 23:25 Just did a cross-continential wedding corset/dress fitting via webcam. The future is awesome. #
  • 07:25 Omg saw TWO seals on the ferry this morning...followed by a lobster boat called Premonition. Hm... #
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