September 21st, 2009


Fairyland Chapter 15/16!

An extra treat for today: TWO new Fairyland chapters!

The Key and Its Travels


Chapter XV: The Island of the Nasnas

I think we had a folklore, once. I seem to remember. We locked it up in a vault to keep it safe. Or a library. Terribly similar. But bandits, you know. Bandits, bandits, always about! Wearing masks and carrying sacks. I’m afraid there was a break-in.

And another special surprise--this week's audio is read by justbeast. Now you get to hear his wonderful voice--I love how he reads my work. He'll also get the back audio chapters up this week while I finish Deathless. But don't worry, I'll definitely be reading the final chapters. And I promise to get caught up on the author questions over at onaleopard !

In the meantime, check out what sandandsilk made! Her shop is full of handspun, hand-dyed yard based on my books! The Palimpsest series is up now, but she promises more! I'm so thrilled!