September 14th, 2009


Fairyland Chapter 14

New Fairyland chapter up!

Chapter XIV: In a Ship of Her Own Making

“In prison, my kit, my cub! Where one learns anything worth knowing. In prison there is nothing but time, time, time. Time goes on just positively forever. You could master Wrackglummer, or learn Sanskrit, or memorize every poem ever written about ravens (there are exactly seven thousand ninety four at current count, but a no-talent rat down in the city keeps spoiling my count) and still you’d have so much time on your hands you’d be bored sleepless.”

Audio will be up tonight--I feel so bad about slipping on the audio promptness and beg your forgiveness--it's crunchtime on the Russian novel and I'm working day and night. Hence the radio silence up in this thing. Little of Cat leftover, and also asthma and allergies. But I'll have it up tonight for all of you.