September 6th, 2009

baby got hack

Pity Party in My Nose and No One's Invited

The functional difference between debilitating allergies and having the flu is...possibly the color of the exciting fluids coming out of you. Not much else.

I woke up at 5 this morning with a hacking death rattle cough. Inhaler + tea and I slept til 2. Awesome. I still feel wretched--achy, itchy, weeping eyes, a metric ton of's like having the flu FOREVER, dude. We can get past this part of the pollen year anytime.

Thing is, I know about local honey and all that. But due to the evolutionary benefits of being something like 5th generation Christian Scientist (not practicing now obviously), I have the approximate constitution of the Incredible Hulk. I can take hardcore medication for any number of things (allergies, insomnia, pain, etc) and my system pretty much bellows and rips its shirt off and screams: IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? People who see me take pills get upset at how many I'm taking, but taking less is like taking candy.


I try to work today. This has gotta stop sometime...
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