August 27th, 2009


Island Life

Well, last night, I finished Fairyland.

Yes, the whole book.

I'll post about it soon, the experience, and why it was so important to me to finish the book well in advance of the posting schedule--mainly, to keep myself from going insane, really.

But for now: BOOYA. On to the next deadline!

I always feel that when I finish a novel confetti should spontaneously erupt from the ceiling and kazoos should play. Never happens.

Instead I got an epic Rock Band marathon with the whole household and pizza and beer. It was a truly awesome evening. And I have to say--life so far is infinitely improved by having two of our close friends living with us. They're fun and laid back and great to be around, we're planning house-improving projects and started No Justice 4 Pastry, our Rock Band foursome. We've been hanging out on the porch while mishamish  plays guitar and we throw the ball for the dogs and it's just so ridiculously idyllic and fabulous! The last think I thought when we moved was that we'd be able to take these guys with us less than a year down the road. I can't really believe they're here. I'm sure there's roommate NRE, but right now I'm guys could stay forever, and that would be cool by me.

And they brought the World's Greatest Shower Head to replace our POS one that I hated with a fiery passion. I can barely deal with how fantastic the shower is now.

Oh! And we opened up the bunkhouse behind the house--it's been locked and scary looking and we didn't know what was in there but I've been making eyes at it as a possible detached office for me, a luxury I've always longed for. It looks like a kind of crappy shed on the outside. Well. On the inside? This thing is beautifully constructed, new, pristine pine, just perfect. It'll take a weekend of work and who the hell knows when we'll have time to do it, but all we'd have to do is take one of the bunkbeds out, clean out the junk, and and put down some flooring, and it would be a perfect office. I could use the other bunkbed for a guest bed and the top bunk for book storage. We could paint chicken legs on the door! Run out an extension cord for a space heater and a lamp and it's a zen cottage. It's like discovering a Tumbleweed Tiny House ALREADY BUILT in your backyard. I want it so bad, you guys!

Today we head down to NYC for our friends' David and Danielle's wedding, which I am officiating. Eep! I am nervous! More nervous than for my own wedding! Have never done this before. But I do love road trips. With knitting and reading justbeast  the end of Fairyland.

We'll be back on Sunday, and then I have another crazy deadline. I'll be back on LJ proper, though, and hopefully rid of dastardly allergies.

Today is a good day.

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