August 25th, 2009


State of the Isle

Not posting on LJ makes me feel weird, disconnected.

Can't be helped, though.

babymonkey  and mishamish  moved in yesterday--the process continues today. We're re-Tetrising the house to make room for them, and I'm trying to enforce my "No, we don't put the Bowflex in the dining room that's just wrong" ideas about how my house is set up. I think it'll all work out. In general, it is so damn cool to have two of our closest friends here, and the house doesn't feel overly crowded. I like sharing our island world.

Unfortunately, I've also been DEAD of allergies. I took so many meds yesterday and yet nothing helped. Still happening today, though less. My allergies are severe and unpredictable and are the only thing that forces me to use the spoons metaphor. My body just quits on me. After heavy rains, as we've had, it's much worse, as one of the things I'm allergic to is mold.

So I'm surrounded by kleenex and ow. And no sleep, since allergies keep me up and I took too much melatonin last night and had a horrid time of it. I have such a high tolerance for any medication that occasionally it gets useless. So body = bad today. Less bad than yesterday, but still nothing good.

But--the work still goes on. I'm on the last chapters of a novel and that usually means total radio silence. I hope to get a walk to the beach and a nice sunset out of today, and a finished book. See you on the flipside.

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