August 21st, 2009


Useless Cat Is Useless

I have been entirely useless for the last day.

Well, not entirely. I knit a lot. Knitting is my go to cure for brainfog. Am working on an outdoor tablecloth/blanket in the winter, which, while pretty, is not a quick process. Watched some Leverage in the background, due to matociquala 's recommendation. (Visit was lovely--there was lobster and beer.) But the brainfog, companion of my mornings, persisted.

The brainfog lasted till 10pm last night. I could not think or brain or anything. No coffee dented it.

Maybe it's the sudden drop in temperature--we're at foggy and 70 again, rather than 90-95 of the last week. I am deeply grateful for this. The Cat is not rated for temperatures above 80 degrees. Also due to heat I've not slept well in a week. Have taken to slumping into the guest room which is darker and cooler--and which will be unavailable to my insomniac self come Monday. Must stop that.

I hope to do a little better today. We are headed to the post office to send off wedding invitations (last chance to say you want to be there if we have not already conferred), to the bank to use their notary, and then back here to do that whole novel thing.

When I don't get any writing done in a day, my mood drops precipitously, and I become grumpy. And yet, there are some days when I just can't, to save my life. It's a conundrum.

I couldn't even summon up LJ-powers. Yet I crave the contact of the internet in my island anchorhold. Hm. Maybe we should do the thing.

What would you like to see me post about?

For now, I take the courageous step of getting dressed.
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