August 17th, 2009


Fairyland Chapter Ten!

New Fairyland chapter up!

I'm sorry about the audio--I'll have this week's and last's up tomorrow. Worldcon messed with my recording schedule! We'll also have the Museum updated with all the amazing contest entries shortly.

Chapter 10: The Great Velocipede Migration

“They’re coming!” shouted Ell excitedly, his wings wobbling under the chains as he leapt up, his tongue lolling like a puppy’s. Really, he needn’t have said anything. The velocipede volery sent up a choking cloud of dust. Saturday and September could see it quite clearly, full of flying grass and dirt. And as soon as they heard the horns the bicycles were nearly upon them, a great throng of old-fashioned highwheels. The front wheels of the beasts were tall and enormous, the wheel behind tiny—though tiny in this case being somewhat larger than Saturday’s whole body. Their seats, borne loftily into the sky, were battered velvet of various motley, dappled shades, their tires spotted like hyenas, their spokes glittering in the naked meadowflat sun.

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Wedding Things

A lot of people asked me at Worldcon if the wedding was still happening.

It is.

We have found lots of ways to make it cheap--it's amazing how cheap it can be when you don't have family making demands and you're frugal and can do a lot yourself. We've been waiting years to be married, and didn't want to wait anymore.

We're getting married on November 1st in Cleveland this year.

Invitations will go out tomorrow--drawn by the amazing leemoyer  and designed by transfiguration . RSVPs are to my email--if you don't know my email you're probably not on the list. But if you don't get an invite and we're friends and you really want to come, let me know, we have some extra room.

Since so much of our social circle is extremely far flung, lots of you can't come. I know. And World Fantasy doesn't make that any easier. We still love you and wish you could be there.

A lot of people have asked about our wedding registry, so I'm going to link to it here, in case you can't be there but still wanted to get us a present. I feel a bit weird about that, but so many have asked that I'm just going to do it.

Our Wedding Registry

We're registered at This is so strange. Though I've been married before I've never registered. Please feel free to disregard it alland get us something personal, or make us something. Or use it as a guide to the kind of things we like. Or just donate to Fairyland and note that it's a wedding gift--justbeast  is perplexed by wedding/shower gifts, as Russians traditionally give money. In America it's bad taste to ask for money. Oh, the hilarity!

There are things on the registry we need, things we dream of having. We're adults, so we have a lot of the basics, and both of us are terribly shy about asking for things, so it took us forever to make this list! It is, however, kind of comforting that we really need so little. Of course I'm shy about having any expensive item on there, and we agonized over it. Ok, I'm stopping now.

There will be a shower--noted on the invitation, but I thought I'd mention it--at the house of justbeast 's parents on Halloween, the day before the wedding. It is co-ed. So is the night-before party. (We hate the word bachelor and loathe the word bachelorette.) We're not really into gender-segregation. Shower will mainly feature a lot of Russian food, beer, roast meat, and conversation. No embarrassing games. No pastel things. Special evites for this and the night-before bash will go out in a few weeks.

Finally, I just want to say that without passionandsoul , zoethe , and corvaxgirl , this wedding would not be happening. I suck at event planning and hate to do it. I would much rather be a traditional groom and just show up. They, on the other hand, are awesome.

Oh and PS: bridesmaids, do black suits which do not necessarily have to be tuxedos work for you guys?

PPS Rehearsal is on Friday night for the wedding party so consider this in your travel plans.

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