August 11th, 2009


Caught Him By the Hilt, Brandish'd Him Three Times, and Vanished Under In the Mere

I've been sitting on this one for a long time. To be honest, I've had more good news in the past week or so than I could possibly take and remain sane. This is merely the first (second if you count the WFA nomination) of a series of Announcements of Awesome.

ZOMG I have a new book coming out!

A lot of things are happening in November--I'm getting married, the World Fantasy Awards...and the release of my newest novella. I know! So close and I haven't told you! I CAN KEEP SECRETS I SWEAR.

The wonderful folks at the Electrum Novella Series from Rabid Transit Press, who published snurri 's awesome The Sun Inside, bought my Arthurian novella a little while back, and we've been organizing things ever since. But I can now announce it formally:

Under In the Mere
, my mad, surrealist novella of Arthurian myth and California angst, will be launched at the World Fantasy Convention. This book contains, by odd chance, my very first piece of fiction, which stuck with me and moved with me and demanded to have friends until a novella happened. It took me something like six years to write, which as most of you know is insanely long for me. It is an expression of love and lifelong devotion to a mythos. The book is organized in eleven parts, each told from the point of view of one of the knights, most of them the obscure and unsung ones.

I began it in San Diego. I finished it in Cleveland. I worked on it during one of the Blogathons--in a very real way, justbeast  and I met because of this book. He IM'd me to ask about the Lancelot chapter, and many things were set in motion, two of which, a book and a marriage, come to a head on November 1st. Sometimes, life has symmetry that'll knock you over.

This is a small book. It is strange and fey and thick, about men, rather than the women I always write about, and sorrow and violence and the Otherworld...which looks a lot like 21st century California. It is very near and dear to my heart.

What's more?

The cover and interior illustrations will be by coppervale  and his brother. This book is going to be gorgeous.

It will also be a limited run, so get your copies now. Because seriously? All this, illustrations and Arthuriana and beauty--it's $10. I do believe that makes it the least expensive of any of my available books.

When I get back from the wedding, we'll want to do a launch party of some kind. Any ideas? Locations, other artists to perform? I suspect Boston would be best, as you all probably don't want to come up to Maine. I'm not going to tour or anything, as I'm still exhausted and have many other books on the table to write, but I want to bring Under In the Mere into the world with a bit of pomp. Brainstorm in the comments!

I can't wait.

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baby got hack


So weird. I'm actually in fairly dire straits here, for values of dire that include non-life-threatening anything that cannot help but eventually be resolved.

I barely slept at Worldcon so I could not drag up to go with justbeast  to town this morning for a Thing I Cannot Tell You About Because I Don't Want to Jinx It. I woke up ten minutes before the ferry and stumbled into clothes and out the door because if I didn't catch that ferry it was three hours until the next one.

I forgot my wallet and my allergy meds.

So now I'm sitting in a cafe and the Thing which was meant to take an hour has taken four and counting and I have no money and haven't eaten since 8 o'clock last night or had coffee and I have a splitting caffiene headache and am still in pain from Worldcon expending of everything I had and am starving, and my allergies are so bad I can't work and can barely see straight. But I can't go home because I forgot my wallet and can't pay the ferryman.

It's one of those things where you just hate yourself for being dumb and yet your body is howling in pain and you don't know how long this will go.

I am an idiot.

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