August 7th, 2009


First Day at Worldcon

Arrived after far too long in traffic coming into Montreal. Was intimidated by gigantic Palais, and shocked by their outrageous wireless fees ($350 for 5 days WHAT.)

justbeast  and I ate noodles and I felt terrible that we can't afford a membership for him--seriously, the memberships are so vastly expensive, so much more than any other con, that it really creates a bar to young people attending all on its own. Sigh. But he's with me, and I'm glad for the comfort of that in a strange city.

Went to the opening ceremonies and got to meet the man himself, Neil Gaiman, almost immediately--and thank god, one of theferrett 's Clarion-mates with whom I've become friends, Kat, introduced me, because I am HORRIBLE at introducing myself to other authors. I am just Blabber Girl. But he was super-nice and kind and told me I write well (squee!) and I can see why there is such an OMGTHISGUY thing around him. I met Cory Doctorow, too, who has a super-sweet backpack.

Then emilytheslayer , lynxreign  and I stuck around to hear a conversation with Paul Krugman and Charlie Stross, which was interesting, though it reminded me that what most SF folks want to dish about with regards to the future are not the things I do.

Hugged Ellen Klages and made a fool of myself trying to thank her for the WFA nomination, as she's one of the judges, and got to hang briefly with Geoff Ryman, henceforward known as the Coolest Dude on the Planet.

I'm always so nervous on the first day of cons--it's like the first day of school and you're all dorky and hyperactive and not sure anyone will like you. And by you I mean me. Because I have No Cool. I am a Flustery Doof.  Not to mention I haven't been able to tweet from my phone which is really more upsetting at a con than one might think.

Because, like, Cory Doctorow was sitting in front of me and taking pictures of images of Charlie Stross on the jumbo TV screen instead of Actual Charlie Stross who was right there on the very nearby stage. That is some Beaudrillardian shit there, my friends. And I could not tweet. I have no net but I must tweet!


Doing my writer's workshop tomorrow morning, so sleep is on the menu. I hope to see some of you soon! I'm reachable via email and PM/DM.

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