August 1st, 2009

c is for cat

Swiping Ideas Since 1979

kylecassidy  has a great idea. Well, he always does. But specifically, his gorgeous girl trillian_stars  has nothing to wear for Worldcon, so he put out the call to any clothes folks who might want to dress her.

Though I am less gorgeous than Trillian, I also have nothing to wear for Worldcon and seriously nothing for the Hugos. The budget, she has had no room for clothes. So...if you are a person who makes or sells clothes, and wanted to adopt an author for a con, I can offer...pretty promo pictures of said author in your clothes and plugging on this suddenly very well-trafficked blog and a gift pack of books.

...any takers?

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The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew

So awhile back three serendipitous things occurred at roughly the same time.

The first was that Clarkesworld Magazine asked me to do another story for them. For some reason, I do a lot of my best work for Clarkesworld. I still think A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica is one of the best short stories I've ever written, if not the best.

But they stipulated that it had to be SF this time. I was really quite worried that I didn't have another SF idea after Golubash. But I agreed, because I love Clarkesworld and I really work best when given strict boundaries and challenges.

And then I started talking to someone in Seattle about how Mark Z. Danielewski is so plainly affected and influenced by the fact that his father was a documentary filmmaker.

I started thinking: well, Cat, your dad was a filmmaker, too. And your mom has a master's in theater. How has that affected you? You've never written about movies or anything like them, yet they are this massive part of your psyche and upbringing. Yet it's practically invisible in your work.

...and my Beast came up to me one night and said: "Oh please, oh please, can you write me a story where Venus is like it was in old SF books, all waterworldy and with big fish and stuff?" (While I was writing Golubash, he said "oh, please, oh please, can I have a pony in it?" You can't blame him, he's been waiting for me to write SF for four years--exactly, in fact, as today is our anniversary--so it is a bit like getting a vending machine suddenly stocked with your favorite stuff. He just keeps mashing the buttons to see what will come out.)

And sometimes that's how stories get written. Three things make a story.

I'm going to do a big post on Monday about what it's been like to start writing SF after a whole career writing fantasy. But for now, let me just say I love this story obscenely and am super proud of it and really, really want you guys to head over and read it, so oh, please, oh, please go and read about my weird artdecopunk world with Venus and Neptune and silent films and gossip mags and cheesy performance art and gigantic aliens. And leave a comment!

You can even hear me read it on the podcast.

So here it is, my second SF story ever: The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew

Two SF stories! Why, the next thing you know I'll be expelling my fantasy novels from my bookshelf! Of course, it's not hard SF--the alternate world tech is, well, alternate.

I need a writing SF icon.
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urban anchorite

This Has Been Driving Me Crazy

We have this awesome tree in our front yard and I don't know what it is. It sprouted leaves way late, like in June, well after all the others. And now it's got little white flowers blooming on it. The leaves are huge and extra soft, like cloth. I love this tree, and I've tried all kinds of site to figure out what it is. I've never seen another like it, and none of the other trees on the island are the same.

Can anyone identify it?

(Click for a bigger image)
PS Have thought of catalpa, but there were no seed pods when we moved in last autumn...

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