July 22nd, 2009


Fairyland Surprise

There's a surprise mid-week chapter of Fairyland up!

It's a wee chapter, so it goes up on a Wednesday instead. Big, long chapters are Mondays, but if I have a small one, it'll be a mid-week update. (The onaleopard  community heard about it early, so if you're not a member yet, head on over--I'll be announcing a contest there later today.)

There's also a new author's commentary there, so don't forget to click the wyvern!

The Key and Its Travels

Being careful and clever readers, you must now wonder if your woolgathering narrator has completely forgotten the jeweled key that so loyally followed September into Fairyland. Not so! But a key’s adventuring is of necessity a quieter thing than a girl’s, more singleminded, and also more fraught with loneliness.


Fairyland Contest

Cross-posted from onaleopard 

corvaxgirl and I have been scheming! You see, she has a wonderful box of things that I gave her to raffle off as she pleased in her guise as minitrix of Saloncon, and being a kind and generous soul, she has decided to offer it up to Fairyland readers!

This box contains signed copies of all my books (Palimpsest not shown but included),s00j 's Orphan's Tales CDs, a free year-long omikuji_project membership, a beautiful Orphan's Tales inspired necklace byupstart_crow and a full bottle of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scent Yuki-Onna. It's full of awesome, in other words. If, you know, you like my particular brand of awesome.

How do you get this box?

You make something for the Fairyland Museum. Anything: jewelry, soap, bath bombs, drawings, spun yarn, perfume, knitted or felted objects, glasswork, food recipes, music, creative photographs--if you do it, I consider it art. Just make anything, inspired by Fairyland. You'll have till August 1st to post your Museum entry to onaleopard, and then the community will vote for the winning piece. (All the pieces will go into the Fairyland Museum on the website regardless, with links to your own sites.)

I do not put these packages together often, as the sheer cost of the books involved is pretty high. This is your last chance to get a free complete collection until the next novel comes out in 2011!

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! If you have any questions, fire away in the comments!

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Chop Wood, Carry Water, Day 1 Redux

Trying this again with a little different structure.

Seen: The mild blue light streaked with pink clouds at the end of the day on my incredibly green tree of unknown type, which is just beginning to make unknown buds that will lead to unknown flowers.

Tasted: Glass of pinot noir on my porch, with my dogs cuddling me.

Heard: Summer kids laughing and running down the street to the sea.

Worked: 5,798 words.