July 8th, 2009


It's July, For Serious

All, right, Maine. Enough with the rain.

It's pouring, again. I can't go outside, again. It's grey and wet and so cold I'm hiding under an electric blanket. Again. I have had it with this motherfucking weather this motherfucking summer.

I know I said I liked it cold, and I do. But I don't like it lightless and dismal, and I don't like crops all over the state rotting or being devoured by insects invigorated by constant rain. 

Just a little sun. Just let me go swimming once this year. Just let me walk around outside without squinting in the sideways-blowing rain.

None of this does wonders for my mood. I feel like Cave-Buffy. And Overnightprints.com screwed up our order (again--don't ever use them, this is the fourth time they have failed to deliver anything to us) so there are no promo materials for Readercon.

Ugh. Today sucks. And I have to go bake things for various Readercon parties what asked me to bring food.
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