June 30th, 2009


Quotidian Blather

Today I am going down to the library to work as they have long hours today and options for out-of-house working on the island are slim in the summer--so many people, and their insistence on buying things!

I have my Readercon panel schedule (it's so pleasant to be able to go to Readercon with almost no trouble or expense, as it's right near us, and we can hang with birthday girl adelynne  and non-Czech-Prime-Minister mtolan . Readercon used to be the most expensive con for us and now it's practically free.) though not my other things schedule--I can has my own reading, a "How I Wrote the Orphan's Tales" talk, many other group readings, Interfictions stuff, a kaffeeklatsch...pool is now running on when I lose my voice. Plus I get to see tithenai , and read our Rhysling-nominated poem together. It's also super nice to not stress and hope about the Rhyslings. I'm all zen, since I won it last year and have my pretty plaque. I'm no time_shark . I don't ever expect to win again, so I can just go have fun.

I think I am going to make posole for dinner tonight--or a pale imitation as I do not have the proper peppers. She is a pepper-poor zone, Maine. Am also making mango-currant jam this week, when I am a bit more on top of deadlines and Omikuji is out. We have a 4th invite this weekend but I'm torn--the island has to be pretty cool on the 4th, right? Trying to be a good local girl. First farmer's market tomorrow.

We've been watching Mad Men in the evenings, which is a damn good show, though I could do without this 13 episode format that my favorite shows have taken up, and Mrs. Reynolds is just too hot for words, and is that CONNOR, OMG IT IS! And he's playing an insufferable little shit again, so business as usual. At least it's deeper than the usual: hey guess what? The 50s ethos sucked! I know, right? You've NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE.

It's also odd for me to watch as my father and grandfather we both in advertising for decades, and so to some extent that was their world, when I was a child. Moreso for my grandfather, obviously. I remember, coming from what was once a reasonably conservative family, a much more formal childhood. My brother and I once watched some old home video and he finally said: do you notice? Everyone's wearing suits and ties. For a kid's birthday party. One thing Mad Men shows: that ethos went on a lot longer than the 50s.

True Blood, our other indulgence, goes in the opposite way, obviously. Though the appearance of a damn minotaur is putting me off. What, we're in Greek Disneyland all of the suddent? Maenads and Minotaurs: the Ride? What exactly is the metaphysical make up of this world? I know, don't ask, just enjoy the blood and sex. At least there's Jacob recapping it on TWOP.

So. The day moves. I with it. Sort of. I caught my robe on 8 o'clock. Also Gmail is being a brat.

But first order of business is taking a shower. Because it turns out that if your facial cleanser has clay in it, and you get some on your hair, like around the browline which is damn hard to avoid, you turn into clay-tablet Enkidu, and everything is all stiff and grey and a little too homoerotic to ignore.

I'm not sure that sentence stuck the landing.