June 23rd, 2009

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  • 10:07 New Fairyland chapter up! Now with RSS feed! catherynnemvalente.com/fairyland #
  • 12:01 @drwicked be right down #
  • 12:53 @drwicked & his super hot & sweet girlfriend are princely folk. #
  • 12:53 Garrrrrr. Flight delayed. #
  • 13:24 @alexandraerin well, this IS taking place 70 years ago. I picked omaha because some of my family is from there... #
  • 13:35 Too much traffic in boston, flight delayed an hour and change. Sitting in airport writing more Fairyland and listening to Sooj. #
  • 13:46 @alexandraerin yes, I even have picks of the family home there. my patrn. grandfathers family immigrated from denmark to omaha. #
  • 14:06 @alexandraerin between you, me, and the internet, I've never read the Oz books. #
  • 15:09 what do you all think of the new #fairyland chapter? catherynnemvalente/fairyland #
  • 15:15 Finally boarding. Amusing to be in an airport considering #fairyland today. Gargoyles ARE more honest. #
  • 15:29 Yay someone's reading Catherine Asaro on the plane! #
  • 23:23 Finally home. Feeling dumb as have left Important Thing in hotel room. Hotel has it though, is sending it to me. #
  • 23:52 Elise gifted me an imp of an older BPAL PP--Pumpkin w/Pear & White Grapes. Of course, it smells amazing on me. Curse you, limited editions. #
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Two Logistical Things

If you have signed up for a monthly mailing subscription to Omikuji in the past month--I do not have your address. Paypal does not provide it. Please email me so I can get your mailing out this weekend. If you signed up for a yearly sub, no worries, Paypal includes it there.

Also, we are still trying to deal with the database of people who's yearly sub was up in March, April, May, or June. You can help by letting us know if you decided not to re-subscribe in the comments, or re-upping before this month's mailing goes out.

Secondly, starting next week, there will be a new section on the Fairyland site--the Fairyland Museum. It will contain all of the icons, banners, and shiny things that folk have made for Fairyland, with links to their sites. This is a pretty high traffic site these days, so if you want to make something to go into the Museum, let me know. It make me giggle with glee--and might get some traffic flowing your way, too. And from here on out, tag entries with Fairyland artifacts or icons as "fairyland museum."

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Fourth Street

Was pretty awesome.

This was the first time anyone had paid to bring me out to a con other than when I won the Tiptree, so I was a little shy at first, nervous as to whether I could be worth the effort. It also occured to me that first night that I have never gone to a con without a group of friends that I was meeting there or who came with me. This was the first con I'd gone to by totally by myself, without even justbeast . It really helped thatelisem  took me and Teresa Nielsen-Hayden andsdn  on a field trip to her house the first day, where there are infinite beads and BPAL to geek out over. (And of COURSE, elisem gifts me with an LE imp that smells awesome on me and is, by definition, hard to find--Pumpkin Patch with pumpkin, pear, white grapes, and jasmine tea. Garrr. My weakness is pumpkin! And women who bead!)

I won't get into the panels I was on too much--I was mouthy, as I usually am. I shared a little more personal stuff than I usually do on panels, especially the Food, Fashion, and Fornication one, because it was a really safe space and a small con. It was noted several times that the programming skewed oddly towards the craft of writing, and what I really got from that was a bunch of awesome ideas as to how to teach writing. The panel highlight of the con was probably sdn's outburst during the structure and pacing panel, which really cannot be duplicated online, but its sheer awesome got her a round of applause.

The highlights for me were the people. Getting to spend real time with elisem , who I think is the bees knees but don't often get to see without a dealer's table between us. papersky , who is awesomely smart and of whose books I am this huge fan, and actually talked to small, weird me and was so kind. truepenny  and her husband, who I actually got to sit down and talk with for a good chunk of time. drwicked  and his awesome girlfriend who I think has no LJ. tabethawallace , who rocks so very, very hard, and reminds me in looks, mannerisms, and voice so much of my former editor Juliet. If Juliet dyed her hair black and smoked. Ok, so I was a little dazzled by the hot sarcastic chick. Everyone has their kryptonite. Will Alexander, who still has no LJ, but is fast becoming a Favorite Human.

Rooming with sdn  was totally great. We see eye to eye on so much, and are funny sarcastic chicks ourselves, who occasionally act like we're 12. sdn  rules all with a candy fist.

And I got to meet pameladean . Which was a big moment for me and I tried to keep the dork from coming out, because I am a moron when I meet writers I love, I cannot help but turn into a puddle of fangirl. Especially since Tam Lin is this huge part of my youth. And especially because she's so friendly and laughs a lot and is so beautiful and literally full of light--she just kind of beams. Later in the con, sitting with her at brunch, I had one of those moments: my life is different, now, than I thought it was going to be. And what she wrote in my copy of Tam Lin made me cry.

I felt terribly loved and taken care of throughout the con--people knew about Fairyland, and wanted to eat with me, and hug me.

All in all it was a really good con, and I'm glad I got to know so many new people--it's easy to slip into a con comfort zone, and awesome to be jostled out of it. Thank you, Fourth Street, for bringing me into your world.

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