June 15th, 2009


The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland

is live!

The fairy book from Palimpsest can now be read online, for free. It is YA, more than safe for children. The title may well serve as a synopsis, but it involves a young girl named September, spirited off to Fairyland, which she finds under the thrall of the wicked Marquess, and all her friends and battles there. The first chapter is up now, subsequent chapters go up every Monday. I've also included an audio version of the chapter and will do so for all of them, so that when it is done there will be a tidy little audiobook.

The novel is entirely free. Pay what you think it's worth, when you are inspired to, and only if you want to and can--times are tough for all and I will not be upset in the least if you read this without paying for it. That's what it's for, to be read. It is a full length work--I estimate it will take about six months, posting a chapter a week, ending right around Christmas. Whether you pay anything for it or not, please do give it a try. Being YA, it's quite different from most of my books, but I think you'll see echoes of The Orphan's Tales in there.

This is the original post explaining the hows and whys of Fairyland. To sum up: my partner and I are in a rather bad place financially, as he has been out of work for many months and I have been struggling to pay all the bills on a freelance writer's income. This, along with the long-standing Omikuji Project and my ebook store, is what I have done to try to move us towards better days, to keep us from falling through the cracks while waiting for better days to come. I want to make it clear at this late stage that I'm not asking for charity--this is work, quite hard work, that I am offering in hopes that a readership will find it worth something. We are not spending this money on anything but the basics of survival, keeping our heads above water while we both continue to look for work.

There has been an extraordinary response to this idea already--I only hope the work is equal to the love you all have shown me in the last few days. Please don't forget to tell me what you think! I can't deal with the level of spam so there are no comments on the Fairyland site itself--consider the Facebook group and/or this post free places to comment and discuss.

And please--spread the word. This is the most important thing, today. If a book opens on the internet, and no one reads it...well. The whole plan really falls apart if no one reads it.

Here is a wonderful banner designed by the amazing talkstowolves--feel free to use it anywhere!

A smaller version.

And lastly, thank you all for coming with me on this journey, and proving that magic and art can feed human bodies as well as human souls. You are my family. This is what I have to give back to you.
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Thoughts on Fairyland

The funny thing about writing Fairyland is that it really is a palimpsest.

I'm writing a new novel on the back of the old one. Bits of the old one show through--I'm stuck with what I set up in Palimpsest the book. I can't change the opening paragraph of Fairyland, for example. If I were starting from scratch I might prefer a more gradual beginning, rather than removing the protagonist from her home within a few lines. I might try to set up her home life more. But when writing the adult novel, I wanted as much information about why this book meant as much to that protagonist as it did, and both are portal fantasies. So now I have this beginning I established as the beginning before I knew I would end up writing the whole book. And that is the beginning. I am a continuity hound, after all.

Ditto the title. I picked a gargantuan, ornate title in part to pastiche the ornate titles of a certain kind of book. And now that's what it is. It's not a title that one would pick for a YA (or middle grade, I suppose this is floats somewhere between, really) novel published today. It is really a lot to type out, and getting it to fit in the graphics was hilarious. But it's what I established. I have to work within that.

And that's fascinating for me. Usually when I sit down to write a novel I have free reign of anything I want. The first few chapters winnow down choices, but I haven't often worked in these kinds of bounds--where the restrictions are ones I set up, two years ago when I was a different me writing Palimpsest. I've worked writing comedy SF video games for small children, which is another set of bounds completely. But dealing with a continuity I set up never thinking I'd have to deal with it? Half awesome, half facepalm.

But I am discovering how much I like writing for younger readers. That's not something I ever thought I'd say.

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On a Leopard

The world moves fast: there is a fan community for Fairyland up and running at:


A place for thoughts and speculations, for people to post shiny things they might have been inspired to make, icons, whatever they like, and to meet other readers.

The first post suggests posting pics of what you were doing the day Fairyland began!

(Also, it's so weird to have my mind full of fairies and leopards on the one hand, and watching Iran intently on the other. The world moves so very fast, churns, even. And Yahoo didn't even have it up until a few minutes ago. Instead reporting on a soldier's rare book find windfall. FAIL, old media. FAIL.)

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