June 7th, 2009

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  • 12:30 Why are all the guys who message me on OKCupid in their 40s/50s and kind of gross(not causal, of course)or in their early 20s and very lame? #
  • 12:41 @sinboy Writing messages is super hard. I never know what to say. Hey. What's up. #
  • 15:43 Synecdoche, NY is the height of the realist genre. Cancer, suburban suck, adultery, impotence, male self-loathing? Checkcheckcheck. #
  • 17:55 Wow, I've been waiting to see Synecdoche for months. I am so very disappointed. And I LIKE meandering, plotless musings & pretty words. #
  • 17:57 @esedia It's only coherent enough to be confusing & upsetting. Mostly it didn't go anywhere or explain anything & was grey and full of woe. #
  • 17:59 Also part of the tired realist arsenal? ZOMG HE WAS DYING/DEAD ALL ALONG! #
  • 20:15 I feel /awake/, and want some kind of deep contact and conversation and...something. And yet am isolated. Hedonistic nacho feast instead. #
  • 20:44 @barrygoldblatt Me too. I feel terrible about missing it. #
  • 22:08 @saintartaud I preferred Southland Tales for wacky epic plotlessness. #
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Moar Knitting!

This one is dedicated to seanan_mcguire, who reminded me to focus on the season I love in the midst of the season I don't.

It knit up super fast and pretty--the pattern called for plain ribbing, but I used a waterfall stitch instead, because it's prettier and lacier. My cat also decided the drying piece was evil and had to be killed, knocking it fully onto the floor. Pins everywhere.

Anyway, I like this a lot and will probably be making them as gifts, since they're so easy--makes me wish I had a subby girlfriend! I thought about hanging a key from the centerpoint, but it seemed too busy. I think I'll make them taller in the future, as well, this was not quite as big as I'd imagined. I think this is the first thing I've done that doesn't have any mistakes in it at all.

Title: In the Thrall of the Pumpkin King

Detail of stitching:

And me wearing it in my hallway:

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Tonight, Tonight

I love living on my island. We walked down to the ocean and rock climbed with one of the dogs tonight, then lay about in the yard and threw the ball to the other dog (they don't walk well together, they encourage each other to make trouble) under the wide arms of our witchy tree. It's cool and cloudy and a small storm is coming through tonight. There are kids with ice cream cones running around the docks. It's perfect.

Except that I have these nights where I'm restless and antsy and I want to do something, I don't even know what. I used to round up friends and make ridiculous midnight quests to the coast (to which I am closer now than I once was) but that sort of thing is hard to scare up in the post-collegiate world. In Cleveland there was Magic and Planescape and Rock Band.

I think my internal clock says: it's been 10 days, time to leave again! And my body braces for leaving like the clenching of your stomach before the big dip on a roller coaster. But of course it's not just that; I've always had nights like this, and unfortunately, the island puts the kibosh on a lot of activities. I wish we knew more people locally, had an RPG campaign (but of course our old one was pretty sweet, and my tolerance for less than pretty sweet when it comes to tabletop gaming is nil) or a book club or a knitting group. I suppose these things exist, but I'm not sure how to find them--Maine is not as plugged in as most of the other places I've lived, and most of the good stuff seems to be up in Bangor or Augusta. It's time to start figuring out how to live here, and right now, I'm just...restless.

So I turn to the internet, and steal a meme from theferrett , my old DM.

Tell me something you think I should know. Tell me a secret, tell me something you wouldn't want to say to me in the public space of my journal (good or bad), tell me a fact you think I'm not aware of. Anything.

All comments screened.

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