June 4th, 2009


The Summer Queen's Syllabus

So my whilst-at-Wiscon-being-one-of-those-girls-knitting-at-panels project was a green lace scarf, my first lace project, done with Yarnia yarn--silk/hemp/bamboo blend. It's nice and silky but a pain in the ass because it's not plied, so the threads kept getting snarled, especially while traveling. I try to pick my projects so I learn something new with each one, and this pattern was perfect, since it includes nearly all the stitches peculiar to lace work in one piece.

While it's just a scarf, which has got to be the most common knitting project EVAR, it's easily the most complex thing I've done stitch-work wise. I think next I'll be ready to move on to clothing-type items where you have to sew sleeves on and such.

This was also the first time I blocked something, which was a scary prospect--dunking your spanking new project in water. My cat kept rying to sleep on the drying scarf. Off, damned feline!

Anyway, as I like to title things, this is called: The Summer Queen's Syllabus. For it is a leaf-shape lace and green and such.

Detail of the hem:

And because it is definitely not scarf season, even here, I've been wearing it as a headbandy thing.

Knitting win! I hope.

As for what's on the needle right now I'm still working on squares for the Palimpsest blanket. It's gonna be huge!

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