June 1st, 2009

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  • 15:04 Knitting is highly recommended as therapy for the obsessive counter. Not that I obsessively count things... #
  • 15:04 Also, fuck you, Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches. I have to check your damn math every time and it's often wildly wrong. #
  • 15:15 @jasonwebley Happy birthday! I dropped some jaws the other day by playing Icarus... #
  • 19:52 Don't forget! SJ Tucker and I are performing OMG ON A PIRATE SHIP in NYC on Tuesday night! Be there Y/Y? www.hourwolf.com/nyrsf/ #
  • 21:06 So...times are getting tight. Really, really tight. *bashful* If I held an online writing workshop, would any of you all pay to take it? #
  • 23:24 *dies* MOAR awesome news I can't share! #
  • 02:01 Please, those of you who have the inclination, bend some energy towards my boy getting a job? #
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What We Did With Our Weekend

It's been a long time since my first novel came out--ditto my old poetry collections and second and third novels. My third novel was even remaindered. There were once plans for more affordable paperback versions, but those sort of fell by the wayside as my old publisher grew and I moved on to Bantam and now Tor.

But you know, funny thing. I still have a whole stack of rights to all of these.

So, now, for the first time, everything I've done which does not have a rooster on it (that would be the Bantam logo) is no available in much, much cheaper e-book format from my website.

The Labyrinth
(my first novel, a Locus Recommended Book)
Yume no Hon: The Book of Dreams (illustrated by A.R. Menne)
The Grass-Cutting Sword (a book which was kind of stomped by The Orphan's Tales and remaindered last year, but I love it because it is my oh-so-postmodern baby.)
Apocrypha (My first poetry collection, containing a bunch of Rhysling nominated poems)
Oracles (My second, chronicling American oracles and a quest across the country)
(My most recent poetry collection, A Guide to Folktales in Fragile Dialects, was already available in e-book form.)

And the big one I know you guys have all been dying to get your hands on:

The Descent of Inanna

This was a very limited edition hardcover book-length poem from Papaveria Press--the hardcover is more or less impossible to find now, but the text is now released into the wild, along with a complete audiobook version (squee!) for those of you who like to hear me read.

The Descent of Inanna audiobook

So there it is, my entire back catalog. Here's to taking control of my own work. Please do take a look and consider supporting the weirder end of literature--my partner has been out of work for seven months now, and it's starting to get to is-one-or-both-of-us-going-to-need-to-work-at-McDonalds proportions. (The Omikuji Project is still going strong, too.)

EDIT: Make sure to hit the "Return to Catherynnemvalente.com" button when you're done paying--that's what will lead you to the download link!

We're doing a bunch of updates on the site in the next couple of days, including a section with all my essays from the web at large in one place. And hopefully in a few days I can share the new new awesome news I'm sitting on!

Happy June! I hope to see a bunch of you in NYC tomorrow night when s00j  and I take over a the pirate ship Peking at the South Street Seaport at 7!

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sooj and cat

New Sooj!

There are two new s00j  songs up as part of the evolving Palimpsest album, Quartered.

One, The List Falls Away, is an awesome trip-hoppy dance song that just rules beyond the telling of it and is chock full of my words in a fabulous way.

The Girl With the Lion's Tail, besides being Lucia's song (the girl from the short story, oh so long ago) is quite possibly the greatest break up song in recent memory. When she hits the big notes at the end my tummy goes all fuzzy.

You must hear and buy these things. There is no choice in the matter.

And I gotta say, hearing her live just has no comparison. Tomorrow night, kids. Last show in the Palimpsest tour, the big finale.