May 29th, 2009

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  • 11:04 Writing is hard. Let's go shopping. #
  • 11:11 God, the desire to make this story a short film instead is a palpable /ache./ #
  • 11:21 @sinboy No interest in writing a script w/out film. /Might/ be able to make a film if I had actors & creative an SF author after all #
  • 11:22 @vrax Mothers and Fathers. #
  • 11:51 @robstaro Holy shit that is gonna be in my head forevar. #
  • 12:10 @sinboy Maybe. I'll finish the story first. Sadly, I don't know that many actors anymore. But it would be a silent film, so...possible. #
  • 12:40 Dear short story. STFU. You are not a novel. I don't even want to hear it. Desist. I'm not listening to you! LALALALA. #
  • 12:54 @omnisti The short will be done by tomorrow, but it's wriggling and showing its belly and saying I R NOVEL AREN'T I PRETTY? #
  • 13:27 @omnisti Yeah, that's basically it. Get in the queue, oh art deco science fiction novel! #
  • 13:31 @ferretthimself AHAHAHAHAHA. NOW YOU ARE ONE OF US. Also, nice username. ;) #
  • 13:33 @sinboy @emilytheslayer You can read a short story version on Monday. #
  • 15:50 It's almost June in Maine and my hands are so gold my fingers have gone a bit purple. #
  • 15:59 *cocks head* I meant that my hands were cold, but I like the typo. #
  • 16:42 *shivers* I want a Snuggie. #
  • 17:21 @moon_ferret Whoa! Sure! #
  • 17:58 *hides from the big scary economic downturn* #
  • 18:31 @minameow Thanks! Hey, if you're free, we're performing on 6/2 on the Peking, a tall ship at the South Street Seaport, Pier 17. #
  • 21:33 Grissom and Sara have like the least chemistry of any onscreen couple EVAR. #
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Why Living on My Island Is Awesome

So we wake up this morning and blearily let the dogs out into the yard. They bolt out, only to literally skid to a shocked stop and freak the hell out.

There are horses in the yard. (Two ponies and one horse to be exact)

Sage, who is a placid golden retriever who never barks, promptly loses her shit completely and charges, barking her head off.


Small pony: *without looking up, kicks Sage* DOOMPH. *munches grass*

Sage is confused and upset--but not hurt--turns to Grimm for explanation. And possibly a bite in the face.

Grimm: ZOMG I CAN HERD THEMZ! MY DESTINY ARE FULFILL'D! *happily herds the small ponies into a corner of the yard*

At this point I can also verify that yes, Grimm is, in fact, bigger than a pony.

I, of course, die laughing. The landlord's sister grazes her horses in our yard sometimes, but this is the first time the kids have met. I went over to pet and introduce myself. The large (white like a freaking fairy tale. I live on an island in the sea and wake up to a gentle white horse who eats from my hand) horse was sweet, and one of the ponies as well. (Ponies are named Miss Chiclet and Dumpling. Not sure on the big one.) The other one promptly turned her rump to me and snorted as if to say "I got my kickin' foot ready."

Then, as if by spontaneous generation, every kid on the damn island appeared at the fence, squealing with delight. They threw their entire lunches onto my lawn for the horses to eat. It was yard salad.

My dogs are still at the windows.

Mom? Um, they're still there, Mom. They're not doing anything. It's FREAKY.

Score: Pony 1 Sage 0.

Prince Charming

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I'm going through some pictures from the tour and came across these, which I meant to post. (There will be a lot of these entries--oh, I meant to post about this!)

I took justbeast , very solemnly, to see the house I grew up in in Seattle. Both of them, really, the little Victorian where I was small on Queen Anne Hill and the suburban house in Woodinville where I was slightly less small. We walked together up the wooded trail which to me, a child, was the proper approach to the house, not the long driveway. We held hands. I pointed out where all the girls I wanted to be friends with but wasn't lived. That was Sarah. That was Katie.

It's a complicated feeling. Bad things happened there. Good things happened there. I miss my brothers and me when we were tiny. Also, the new owners have painted it a hideous color and let it go a bit. But this is the house of Small Cat.

There is a long bridle trail leading to the house--I used to walk that way to the bus stop at dark o'clock in the Pacific Northwestern morning. Those trails are the landscape of my childhood. They were once far more primeval than they are now, but still. This was my Sultan's Garden. Where I learned how to be quiet and still and alone.

Where I told my first stories, to the trees and the birds and the squirrels. In fact, this clearing, when I was very, very young, was clearly the gateway to another world, and it was to those very cedars that I opened my wee mouth and told my first tales.

I'm bigger now. But still looking for gateways, and talking to trees.

And telling, ever so occasionally, a tale or two.

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Decided Not to Tweet This After All

I usually put my silly random stuff on Twitter (norwichgrrl because I'm brilliant and didn't use a name anyone would recognize), but this thought got a little longer than 140 characters.

I've been watching CSI because I've been on a knitting marathon. I work at the cafe til 2 and then come home and knit while justbeast  works super hard on finding a job (eek) and Netflix instant just doesn't have that many choices and CSI is good to ignore. I'm not generally a fan of procedurals and I'm not a fan of CSI at all. But I can't stand a silent house--leftover neurosis form Japan. and it's not like really REALLY watching CSI if I'm doing fiber arts. I'm not even looking at the screen mostly. My morals are secure. I think.


CSI, let's be frank, sucks. The dialogue is AWFUL (Upon finding a female victim named China: "I feel like Marco Polo; I just discovered China." REALLY, GRISSOM? I'm often compelled to imagine these lines typed out in script form and someone going AHAHA THIS IS SO FUNNY BECAUSE HER NAME IS CHINA AND SHE'S DEAD. And then I cringe and weep for civilization.) and the plots are predictable and the characters are whatever and it's often openly misogynistic and Sara and Grissom literally have less chemistry than any onscreen couple ever and I'm including Godzilla and Mothra. In the late seasons they try to get artsy and this works in some ways and not in others but I appreciate the effort, guys, and at least it's watchable and doesn't ask anything of me, like, say, a brain. I assume this is its prime appeal.

And yeah, occasionally I like me some serial killer lameness.

But I really thought there was nothing special to the original CSI. Formulaic, idiotic, not even like House where the characters are interesting enough to cover the procedural formula. Go for it, guys. Duplicate it a million times.

Until I ran out of insta-CSI on Netflix and cued up Law & Order CSI: NY.

Holy shit, you guys, Original!CSI is like SOPHOCLES compared to this nonsense.

Manly Gary Sinise or whatever his character's name is isn't even into bugs or younger co workers or anything. He's not into anything (oh except he plays bass because Gary Sinise is in a band OOH META.) He's just boring and determined and possibly constipated all the time, and looks massively uncomfortable in the role. Oh, Lieutenant Dan. I'm so sorry. The girl is blandly pretty and has commitment issues and that seems to be about all her character is--she's not EVEN an ex-stripper, just Some Chick Because the Networks Said We Had to Have One. The lab techs are interchangeable--and get this jazzed up rock and roll SCIENCE RULEZ soundtrack when they're montaging the lab work instead of the relatively thoughtful (thoughtful! On CSI!) and trancey Original!CSI music. The plots are even worse--dude, I called the killer every single time at like the 5 minute mark and I know I'm an old Law & Order junkie (what, there was nothing on when I was in college) but it should take me longer than that. And then there was the Commercial for Second Life episode where the plot was so irrelevant to the SECOND LIFE IS AWESOME plug that they never even told us who the killer was. They just faded to black. Everyone invovled with this show is so fired.

This is just to say that no matter how much you think a show is playing to the common denominator it probably ISN'T, it can always get lower and worse and more boring and featureless and utterly bland until you can't even effectively IGNORE it to knit because it's so annoyingly bad. And it had steampunk time travel (don't worry, it was stupid) and I was still all: YAWN HOW ABOUT SOME MINIATURES THIS SUCKS.

Every episode is like: ooh, the kids are into flash mobs/Second Life/steampunk these days! Let's kill somebody with it.


But I will lay off the caps key now.
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