May 15th, 2009

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  • 13:23 Um...why Wii no work? We leave you alone for five minutes...or two months, whatever... #
  • 14:30 Went on long bike ride around island. God, sometimes I can't believe I live here. It's impossibly beautiful and windy and desolate/fecund. #
  • 17:54 In Maine: entire section labeled "canning" with piles of mason jars and pectin in front of store. In Ohio: Clerk says "What's a mason jar?" #
  • 18:52 Which means I am AT LEAST doing champagne mango chutney and blueberry chutney this summer. Mayhap raspberry as well. #
  • 19:47 @yagathai Sweet! Come up and visit and we'll have a canning weekend! #
  • 19:56 Now I'm thinking of what interesting savory items I can include in chutneys... #
  • 19:57 Also weights yesterday + bike today makes a sore Cat. Breakfast: soy sausage, smoked salmon, boysenberries, whole grain waffle. #
  • 19:58 Lunch: scallops and lobster over wilted chard with garlic toast (just a clove of roasted garlic mushed into it, not butteryuck). #
  • 19:59 Dinner: Chicken soup with brown rice, chard, kale, mushrooms. I know no one cares what I have for dinner, but tweeting helps me keep track. #
  • 20:41 @sandandsilk Hee! #catfood! #
  • 00:05 @silmeril It's a colorful spinachycabbage thing. Tastes really interesting as a green, slightly bitter, slightly sweet, crunchy. #
  • 00:16 Liveblogging the writing process reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch. Beginning #
  • 00:27 @babymonkeys Oooh! PIcs? #
  • 01:40 I smell like tangerines! (Due to awesome Trader Joe's tangerine sugar scrub. Why no TJs in Maine? Not for the 1st time, I shake my fist) #
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One of the best parts of my long gypsysojourn was finding out that Seattle was not as scary as I had built it up to be by not going there for seven years. The folk there were instantly family and tribe, and my actual family there was kind and welcoming, which I had not really expected.

So justbeast thought I ought to come home for the day I was born. At 5:44 pm, the minute I was born, I was sitting in stealthcello 's living room, surrounded by giant cats, with shuttergal  at my side, having my arms made into art by Wendy of henna, and, well, just look:

That is a photo shuttergal took of me, as the henna was her birthday present, and I adore it. I felt like a fairy queen. The night that followed was full of people and food and laughter and hugging--then s00j  and shivana  and hammerdancer  (holy cats, that kid's amazing! The concentration on his face was the essence of zen) spun fire. As a special birthday surprise, s00j  spun fire to Mahna Mahna, people. Can you handle that much awesome? Later, we curled up in the house and there was an impromptu concert with impromptu cello (!) with all of us singing along and me in a cuddly girlpile, surrounded by roomette , sheistheweather , and shivana . Bliss.

There are literally too many people to list who were there and made me so happy by that simple act--thank you all, I love you.

The next day we hung out with my dad and brother most of the day, adding my stepmother (who surprised me by making a birthday cake with the figurine from my first birthday on it and dropping it by the party) and my sister toward evening. My youngest brother is made of awesome. If you ever get a chance to meet him, take it. It's always amazing to suddenly notice that a sibling has the same sense of humor and even picked up an obsession or two from you along the line (classical history for the win! I knew I blabbered about that stuff for a reason!). We watched Repo! (this broke my heart--I found it so disappointing, despite thinking its creator is the bees' knees) and the Deadliest Warrior reruns (the ninja was ROBBED) and I knitted--oh! And because no one knew anything about Tarot and I mentioned I used to read cards for a living, we dropped by B&N to pick up a deck (Deviant Moon, which...I could not have picked a creepier deck. But I kind of love it) and I read for all four of them, nailing all these people I hadn't seen in years so exactly that it killed all skepticism in the room. New Age Booya.

Before, actually, Seattle, we'd been briefly in Cleveland, (where zoethe  and theferrett  exhibited extreme friend-fu and had packed up our colossal bags and our car for us, just handing us the key so that we didn't have to stress)  and a birthday dinner at Johnny Mango's, the restaurant where I met the whole Cleveland crew four years prior. babymonkey  stole the evening by bringing wedding cakes for us all to taste (omg it's a real wedding now!) which were all amazing, but by far the winners were the dark chocolate pomegranate ganache and the pumpkin spice with pumpkin buttercream icing. Oh, yes. The pumpkin one was devoured so fast it would make your head spin. You want this cake, I am telling you. I'm so glad babymonkey  is doing it--there is not enough room in any bridal party for everyone I love and want to be in it, and this way, I feel like she is in it, after all.

And then New York, where the Algonquin awaited. Chinese dinner first--I got a WHOLE portion of soup dumplings all to myself OM NOM NOM. (Possibly my favorite food that I cannot seem to find anywhere else.) People wore amazing clothes (oh my, vschanoes  just about knocked me over dead with her beauty) and the room was beautiful, everyone all smiles, the drinks overpriced, the food odd, (Dorothy Parker Mini-Sliders for the FAIL), but I looked around and thought: Look at my Round Table. How they shine! We surrounded the table three layers of chairs deep, and laughed and talked and at some point yagathai  quietly slid a room key into my hand--his birthday present: a room for the night in the Algonquin. Reader, I squeed.

So we adjourned to the room with amalthya 's gift-port amid jokes of CatCon '09, and stayed up til about 4 as the group whittled down, just as the best evenings do.

It was wonderful. One of the best birthdays ever invented. Thank you all for making it happen, for being there, for hosting and letting us crash, for being in my life. 30 is off to an amazing start.

Especially since something happened just the day after my birthday in Seattle that I can't talk about yet...
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