May 12th, 2009


Well, I'm Back

We're home.

We've tidied and cooked and lounged about watching Dollhouse (ok, it really picked up there at the end and while I'm not thrilled by a serial killer plot, I do think it deserves to be renewed). We carried a spinning wheel (justbeast  and kythryne  conspired and presented me with a bona-fide princess-killing machine for my birthday! I can't use it at all yet!) all the way from the ferry, and the owner of the Cockeyed Gull popped out of her door to say "You're back! Welcome home!"

We live in a village where everyone knew we were gone and when we were coming back, and knew we were back before we even got down to the store to get dinner. (Proprietress: "I bet your dogs were happy to see you!") Between that and coming home with arms full of

regyt and novalis 's jams and regyt 's homespun yarn and a spinning wheel over one arm, I have never felt so New Englandy.


Nola miowled at us for a solid quarter hour about her opinions on our being gone. The dogs were just happy to cuddle and be brushed and be fed Treats of Guilt.

I adore my house. I adore my boy. I have had such a birthday. (So many posts, right there!) I want to hide for about a year and a half. Not happening, by any means.

I have much to write, much to post about, much to do. Many people to thank. All this will occur. After I get a damn shower and some sleep. And some food in this house.

But tomorrow I get a wee date-day what involves Star Trek and pho and yarn store--after finishing time_shark 's poem, I promise!--and then to peace and working hard at what I love to do. Hey, I even came home to a royalty check! I didn't even know what it was at first. I was all: bwuh? Why do I have money? This can't be money...*shakes envelope*

Life, as they say, is good.

*dives into bed like Scrooge McDuck into his gold*

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  • 16:50 We're home!! There's no food in the house and the dogs are stinkywild #
  • 00:08 Japanese rights sold for The Orphan's Tales! Woot for the coming of full circle! (I wrote the thing in Japan) #
  • 00:09 Also, words cannot describe the confusion and bafflement I feel when royalty checks arrive in the mail. Wait, what? #
  • 01:15 It's bizarre & weirdly titillating that the local ferry,Casco Bay Lines,is reportedly quite the nefarious, Scrooge-tastic little company. #
  • 01:16 They're a monopoly that refuses to show their books to anyone and raises the fares at twice the rate of cost of living increase. NICE. #
  • 01:17 Also they block any creation of an island taxi service so that people have to pay exorbitant rates to bring their cars across. #
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