May 4th, 2009

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  • 12:58 Omg 9am signing this morning. For all authors at once. DeadCat is dead. #
  • 14:32 Penguicon is over! I'M FINALLY ON BREAK! #
  • 14:34 Birthday ahoy! Two more days of my much trouble can I get in? #
  • 16:44 Arrived in cleveland! #
  • 23:56 Possibly want to get nose pierced in Seattle. $, as always, the object. Hrm. PS our wedding cake is going to destroy you all with awesome. #
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Am safely ensconced in Seattle with s00j, omnisti, stealthcello, saladofdoom, and many, many cats.

Am trying hard to enforce some time off for myself. Middling success.

Penguicon was fun, though mostly fun because of hanging out with the SuperSweetWriterlyCabal in the bar, getting to talk at length to Lord Scalzi of the Internet, and endless missing Wil Wheaton jokes. The programming...well, it's just not a con that speaks to me, though I hope that will change over the next year--plans are afoot. Tech and media and not much to draw bookish folk like me. There was very little in the way of panels on my interests, though justbeast  was in heaven, noddling about at tech panels with delight. The only solid lit panel I was on was at 8 am, to make room for the writing workshop I was doing with jimhines , and it was pretty much derailed into personal reminiscences early on. No reading, signing with all the other authors at 9 am on Sunday, to which, predictably, few came.

One bright side of that signing is that I now have video of matociquala  reading from Palimpsest, attempting to draw in some audience at such an hour. Awesome.

So the bright spot of the con was running the writers' workshop with jimhines , who is not only deadly smart but adorable, and lots of fun to be around. The students were really warm and eager to learn--none of that resistance to changing a word of one's precious baby sometimes found in workshops--and I felt like I had something to give every story. Jim and I are a good team, I think: we both start with similar source material and go in wildly different directions with it. (I made a crack about collaboration at one point--it would certainly be either the best or worst thing evar.) Yet mostly we agreed on the basics, what stories weren't working and why, what stories should ultimately aim for. It was pretty great.

I love teaching. I dearly wish I could expand the Penguicon (or some other con) workshop into something more, with meet ups and discussions at other points in the con, a forum for the students before and afterward...I'm such a dork that my idea of a good time is making teaching plans. I hope I have the energy to start my own in a year or two; I hope I get teach at Viable Paradise and Clarion someday in the not too distant future (if I write it on LJ it'll happen, right?). I want to teach so much sometimes. It was my original intent, to be a professor. Maybe someday I can be an unofficial one. Sigh.

Here are Jim and I being exhausted between story critiques:

He looks a little like Goose from Top Gun.

One more day til I'm 30! I can't think of anything irresponsible to do...tonight is spa time with s00j  and the girls.

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