April 28th, 2009



We are safely at my mother's beautiful house in wine country, set to go visit the Pacific and Clautiere Vineyards, my favorite winery, tomorrow.

I am so tired. I have fiction overdue, but my brain is all: nope. Am vegetable.

So a meme seems like a good idea, to clear the palette before I get to long posts about the tour. From a few places:

1 question.

1 chance.

1 honest answer.

That's all you get.

You get to ask me 1 question.

Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty, or wrong it is.

If it's something you don't want in public, email me. Screening comments makes it hard to, you know, answer.

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c is for cat


So, I turn 30 a week from today. There are three parties, because no one I know lives near each other. Well, two parties and a dinner in Cleveland on Sunday night. Seattle party and New York Algonquin (!) party.

And I've been getting a lot of "what do you want for your birthday" questions. So I will say: I have an Amazon wishlist, and yarn or other fiberness is always a safe bet.

But what I really like are things that are unique, that reflect the gift-giver, that start a conversation. If you make a craft of some kind, something you made is what I want most. If you don't, something that could be a thing between us in future years, or referencing some joke or comment or thing we had already. I love that kind of present. Something with a story, something that will always remind me of you. Like Data says, that's what presents are for.

And thank you to everyone who is coming to any of the parties--it means a lot to me that you care and are going to be there. This is a big birthday for me. I love you all.

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c is for cat

Explo raffle!

So! In order to send her daughter to an awesome grown up camp that I wish I could go to but am too old, shadesong  is holding a raffle.

You can win autographed copies of The Orphan's Tales, and a lunch with me at Wiscon! Go! Buy tickets! Win other amazing stuff!

Tell you what: if you buy 20 or more tickets, I'll write a haiku just for you. Limit 10 people please.



More small posts!

So at Penguicon I'm doing a panel on cross-dressing, and I would LOVE to cross-dress for it. I have a beautiful grey fedora and black slacks--is there any male going to Penguicon who would lend me a suit jacket, shirt and tie to go with it? And possibly an ace bandage to bind my breasts? I'm short, but have broad shoulders.

Bonus love if anyone has a steampunky suit to lend--the panel is on cross-dressing in cosplay.
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