April 15th, 2009

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  • 16:58 Due to the universe being made of awesome, I get to go to the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention in June, in Minneapolis. #
  • 02:24 Why is everything I read and watch full of rape right now? WHAT, PEOPLE? WHY NOT HAVE A NICE CUP OF TEA INSTEAD? #
  • 05:29 @madgastronomer Outlook is not good. Not impossible, but not good. #
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To Catch a Cat

I've been a bit lax about posting about the places where one may locate a Cat in the wild lately. I fix now.

The Lone Star Reader: ericmarin  has been buying my fiction and poetry for a few years now, because he is wonderful and pets my babies and loves them. The Lone Star Reader is a collection of the cream of his online publication, and it contains Thread: a Triptych, which I think was the first story he published of mine. It's an Ariadne retelling, combined with the very awful story of my ex-husband's great-grandmother and her forced commitment to a mental institution. The free PDF is here, but do consider buying the dead tree version.

Troll's Eye View
: This is my first YA publication! This wonderful anthology which contains many awesome folk by the name of Gaiman and Link and Beagle and such, is all about fairy tale villains. Mine, A Delicate Architecture, is a Hansel and Gretel story, from the witch's point of view, naturally. It is very Viennese, and candy-full, and cannibalistic. Yum.

Ravens in the Library
: I've mentioned this before, but you can still get copies of the SJ Tucker benefit anthology, which has names like Gaiman and Black and Hamilton in it. My story, The Ballad of the Sinister Mr. Mouth (originally published by ericmarin --you see how it all comes together!), was chosen by s00j  herself, and has pirates and singing girls and parrots and Darwin in. Illustrated by coppervale , which makes it extra awesome, and all proceeds go towards paying my lovely siren-girl's medical bills.

I actually have a ton of short story publications coming up, in Haunted Legends, Federations, By Blood We Live, Clockwork Phoenix 2, and Steampunk Tales. And another at-the-moment unnamed anthology, and Clarkesworld. Hurrah! I will post about them as they come out. Short fiction needs love, too, and damn but I've been writing a hell of a lot of it lately.

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