April 5th, 2009


It's My First Time! I Hope It Doesn't Hurt...

Z.Oh My God.

I'm going to be the Guest of Honor at ConFusion 2010!

*does the dance of squee*

This is my first time as a GoH*, being sought out by a con and asked. I can't believe it! I can has worth!

OMG I get a liaison. I get to make a speech! (I saw Kim Stanley Robinson's speech on paleolithic humanity and technological humanity at Vericon and it was AMAZING. Between that and the Wiscon speeches I have to come up with something good.)

What this means is that y'all, especially trainsofheaven kids, have to arrange to be in Michigan around January 22-24 2010. (This does not conflict with Arisia, I checked.)


*SalonCon is slightly different as I'm Resident Author there, and that's a more or less permanent thing.

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