April 2nd, 2009



CRAZY snow in Snoqualmie Pass kept us from getting in until late, but...


All the way across America! Only a little while left til the Pacific!

And we're here TIL THE 17TH! Which means catching up on everything, relaxing, and getting some damn work done. (Which is not to say I didn't spend the drive from Idaho to Seattle writing The Anachronist's Cookbook in the car, that steampunk short story I mentioned. More on that later.) We are ensconced in stealthcello's amazing house, with ZOMG MAINE COON CATS EVERYWHERE. They're breeders, so I am surrounded by many, many of my very favorite kind of cat, and they are HUGE and FUZZY and KITTIES! And stealthcello  made me a caramel latte and there is a HOT TUB. BLISS.

There is a Maine Coon shaped hole in my heart. Sigh.

So! Seattle people--I have time to hang out and see everyone and meet people I only know online as of now! I really want to do this, it's been many years in the planning to get out here. So stake your claim now! Comment if you want to meet up. 

And one last time--tonight is our first Seattle show:

Thursday April 02, 2009 — 7:00pm
Palimpsest Release Concert
SoulFood Books
15748 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052 [Map It!]
(425) 881-5309

Please come!

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fairy tales

Orphan's Perfumes

Starborn Alchemy, who did the amazing line of Palimpsest scents, wants to do a line of Orphan's Tales scents as well.

Obviously, I am thrilled with this!

But instead of me suggesting what characters, settings, themes, etc, need scents, this time, I'm going to let you guys decide. More than anything, The Orphan's Tales are tribal books, and I want you all to have as much input as possible.

So! What characters, cities, tales, from either book, would you like to see turned into scents? (We have one request for a Djinn scent from tithenai already...)

(Also, noxenlux , who runs Starborn Alchemy all by herself, has been having a lot of financial difficulty lately--any purchases you make really help her out, so please do consider buying these scents so that she can keep making them, and keep her head above water. They are every bit as good and addictive as BPAL.)

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c is for cat

The Convent of the Pure

Whilst I was driivng, saraphina_marie 's novel The Convent of the Pure came out!

It's half steampunk, half gothic, with lesbian ninja nuns in. What more could you want?

I made her a trailer, which is below. Buy her book, support an awesome up and coming writer and a wonderful small press.

(P.S: Please don't ask me to make you one. saraphina_marie is a dear friend and I wanted to do this for her, but I usually do not have the time.)

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