March 27th, 2009

Lost Girl


We have admitted defeat in the face of the MONSTER blizzard currently stomping all over Colorado and western Kansas and are tucked in for the night at the Kansas Kountry Inn in Oakley. We have every intention of making our show tomorrow, though, so no worries there.

As with all car rides, long running jokes develop--especially as omnisti is DMing a superhero RPG for us while the miles go by. Thus I tell you, knowing you will not understand, that we are in the clutches of Mittens, a 150-pound cat who lies on a bed of bones in Oakley, Kansas, and demands 59 cent giant Cheetos (which are sadly not a joke, but an alarmingly dildo-shaped fried thing available at the Mittens gas station) OR YOUR SOULS.

So we make the best of it, laugh a whole lot, and huddle like true gypsies around a cheap motel door while cursing the frozen lock. Below, a lonely, empty swimming pool fills up with wind and snow and the utterly black Kansas night.

O Dorothy, keep on down that yellow road. Don't look back--Kansas sinks her claws in deep.

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