March 12th, 2009


Or Bust

I think most of you know how bad I feel when I say this: I just don't think I can afford to come to Wiscon this year.

In terms of money and energy, I just don't think it's in the cards for me. It's right after the tour ends--I'll barely have been home for a week. It's no longer close to us, a drive from Ohio, but a cross-country flight. Wiscon is my home con, and I love it. Missing it hurts. I'll be back next year.

I'm not the only one who has trouble affording Wiscon, one of the few extremely POC and feminist friendly conventions. I've stayed out of RaceFail for a lot of reasons, mainly because I just am not sure it's my place to speak on issues that should be dominated by actual POC. But I certainly would like to get behind one of the positive things that has come out of it.

con_or_bust  is raising money to help POC get to Wiscon. I'll be donating a signed copy of Palimpsest (and anything else that you guys would bid on--leave requests in the comments). Head over there, check out the auctions, put up your own stuff. It's important that diverse faces appear at conventions--the only times some of us see each other in person at all.

verb_noire  is also an awesome project, a press promoting POC authors and books/stories featuring positive POC characters. I have mixed feelings about submitting my own work to them as a white woman, though it remains important to me to include POC, GLBT, and female characters in all my books. However, I will definitely be buying their books and supporting them any way I can.

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c is for cat

Tickeet to Ride

thewronghands , much to my despair, cannot go on our train trip with us after all.

She has a ticket to sell.

For $350, which is less than half the price of the regular ticket.

If you still want to go, it can happen, for a lot less than usual.

Is there anyone out there who can take it off her hands?

c is for cat


Wee posts. Like Twitter. Content will appear one day, I swear!

(If anyone has pics from the Boston show, I'm waiting on them to post about it! In brief: our best one yet.)

Incidentally, our next show is Monday, March 16th, at Mac's Backs in Cleveland (in Coventry) at 8pm. Bring your friends!

For those asking, we will be in St. Louis on March 24th at the Creve Coeur Lakehouse at 7. For more info check out (There will be snakes.)

We also have a Salt Lake City show! (Thanks, upstart_crow!) Any of you local to that? It's on March 30 at the Bevalo Art Lounge.

Predicament Bondage Coffee Slut

I've been working a lot on my knitting. It is peaceful, and makes my math brain happy. It smoothes the brain for writing.

This is my newest thing, which I am posting here in case some kids care who are not on scarletstring already.

It is a coffee corset for transfiguration. It has two titles, because I cannot decide: Everyone Knows Proper Mermaids Have Split Tails OR Predicament Bondage Coffee Slut. Your choice.

This took me no time at all (1 episode of House--a House unit) and I love it. My first time following a pattern and switching stitches in the middle of a Thing. Also, bamboo needles and fine wool make everything better. Soooo smooth.

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The Ten Year Lunch

marykaykare  suggested something I could put up for auction on con_or_bust. I'm a little uncomfortable with declaring it without input, since it sort of assumes that you guys would care.

She thought that I could offer a lunch alone with me at an upcoming con. Obviously I would pick up the tab. A chance for quality time and talking and bonding that is not possible with crowds and programming.

There are certainly authors I'd love to do this with--justbeast and I had a long conversation about who we'd pay to have solo con time with tonight! But I'm not sure I rank enough to make this worthwhile. However, I'll do anything for a good cause.

Would it induce you to bid? Is it something you guys would want?

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