March 11th, 2009

c is for cat


The Palimpsest drawing is at 12:30 today! I believe I have everyone logged--I'm sorry I couldn't reply individually to your emails, between the tour and the number of them it's just impossible.

See you in an hour!
sooj and cat


Does anyone know anybody involved with the LA Science Fantasy society that might be able to hook s00j  and I up, in hopes of using their space?

We have till Friday to come up with LA space, as we have to confirm dates with our SF space.

c is for cat

Boosting the Signal

Tzaddia, breast cancer survivor warrior goddess of Tennessee, has lesions on her spine.

What we can focus on:

-making sure that it's just the two spots, nowhere else, and that they are eradicated.
-making sure that she gets her MRI this week, hopefully Friday.

Start the Reiki train and sing out, those of you who can.

For those of you who do not know her but who came to the New York Palimpsest gala or who are coming on the train, Tzaddia made the silver and copper compass rose pendants which sooj  and I now carry with us.  She has also made gobs of goodies which those of you coming to New Orleans with us will soon benefit from. 

A person is not what they make. But when they put such beauty into the world, I hope, fervently, that the world will care for them in return. I have never met you, Tzaddia, but hold on.

A Note

I know I put out calls to action and help a lot. My tribe, she is an amazing thing, and I am acutely aware, every moment, of how you care for me, and make my life possible. There really aren't enough words in the language to thank you.

If there is anything I can do for you to repay that, in the smallest amount, please ask me. I cannot know what you need if you don't ask. I can't always do it, issues of time and ability and energy always come into play. And I am not perfect, and sometimes forget. You might have to poke me. But if I can, I will. As simple as boosting a signal, as complex as driving across the country to you for whatever arcane reason. I'm not saying I can always do the big thing, or even the little thing, but very often, I can.

Just ask.
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