March 9th, 2009

modern lit

Calls of Various Kinds

March Omikujis are safely winging their way towards everyone tomorrow. Several of you have asked about renewing your year-long memberships, so here's the info. (OMG it's been a whole year!)

The majority of the year long memberships expire this month. If you want to keep receiving Omikuji, or want to convert to a yearlong membership, or want to start up a new one, go to the site and click the shiny button. Or click them at the bottom of this entry. Same as before. Everything will keep right on arriving at your door in sweet little envelopes. I hope you guys have enjoyed the stories and will renew--I have loved writing them. Thank you all for supporting me and being part of a wonderful experiment and small family. I think the Omikuji is special, and I have never been so glad I did something odd "just in case."

Omikuji has saved us, time and time again, and I am so terribly grateful to all of you who have been a part of it. You are my heroes. I see your names every month and lick your envelopes and feel such warmth and love for you all.

Please keep in mind that as of the great Lay Off, Omikuji has been our only regular income. I sell short stories and articles when I can, but this has been keeping us going. It sucks to admit that, to be in need, but there it is. We hope this changes soon, but know that you, my Omikuji family, quite literally keep us fed and warm.

Thank you, thank you, all my loves.

Second, as of today, s00j  and I have no LA venue. If we can't find one, we will just stay in San Francisco longer and cut LA out of our itinerary. I know a lot of you were looking forward to us being in SoCal, so if anyone knows of a space--even a multi-use factory style space like the Brooklyn Lyceum--that would have us at what is now short notice, please, please contact us or contact them. We want to come see you!

Again, thank you. I'm heading home today amid a light dusting of snow. Curling up with a warm video editor. Petting my dogs. Recovering for a week before the Big Tour starts, we get on a train, and I run away to join the circus. Deep breath.

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