February 27th, 2009


The Show

It's hard to post when you're this tired.

But I am tired in the happy way.

I could not, in y wildest dreams, have asked for a better show on Wednesday night. Nothing went wrong, no tech glitches, no flubs, it all just went beautifully and smoothly.

Our final turnout was just shy of 100 people, most of whom I didn't know, from fandoms in and outside my own. It was a beautiful Venning of subcultures, and I was so thrilled to see that GIANT space fill up. People brought me yarn and pressed it into my hands. They immediately updated me on the Amazon ranking. My only regret is that I couldn't talk to everyone as much as I wanted, but that is the nature of big events.

I read; s00j  sang amazingly--we were a little worried about the electronicness of the new songs, since only one is acoustic, but it went of fantastically, and holy gods, Casimira is astonishing live. We had two separate stages, two pools of light that went up and down as the focus drifted from words to music and back.

Mary Cyn, in the single most beautiful burlesque costume I've ever seen, moved a burlesque audience to silence with her dance to Shangri-La.

passionandsoul...what do I even say about what he did? He tied up four people, quartered them, and then threw a girl in red to the ground before hoisting her up into the air on miles of red rope...and her skirt fell away to show a leg covered in a long black map. She swayed and spun and he moved her into these mudra-like poses, yoga-still and perfect, and then she came down, the four of them came together again, and kissed, and it was over, and everyone was stunned and awed.

jezebelpussycat danced next, a belly dance in a fabulous steampunk-esque, mappy, industrial outfit, to an Amon Tobin song I MUST find and own, and was so amazing I couldn't stop smiling. That woman can dance. I have never seen anyone like her.

kythryne  created a lovely pendant to the strains of November, and I read and read and read. Unbenownst to me, as I read about the vermin of Palimpsest, a mouse was playing and scurrying behind me. Afterwards, in the huge signing line, folk told me that Casimira had sent her minion to watch us.

Finally, my favorite burlesque dancer, Jo Boobs, took the stage in a full Godzilla costume, moving that tail like nobody's business, and the night rose up into laughter, alligator songs, and delight. We ate, we drank, we made merry. We sold many, many books. babymonkey  appeared as if by magic, all the way from Cleveland. saansaansaan, who I have read for years and never met, materialized in extreme beauty and grace. I could have asked for nothing more.

I spent the days before the show hiding in the house, conserving energy as I rarely allow myself to do. I tried to cultivate zen. haikujaguar  drew me the Peace card in her One Card Draw. And peace there was. Perfect love and peace and trust and beauty, and not a single thing amiss or awry. I have never smiled so wide. I felt so full. My world, it is this amazing place, full of mad fairy folk, and that I get to live this life is beyond blessing, every day. My favorite singer writes songs for me. My favorite dancer dances for me. My favorite people hold me. How did I deserve this?

qotcpcf has pictures--if anyone else does please send them to me! Video is forthcoming--it was all recorded.

We are off to Philadelphia tonight, appearing tomorrow, Saturday, at Between Books, 2703 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, DE 19703 at 7 pm. There will be cake. It is not a lie. We encourage everyone to dance in the book-stacks, and celebrate and make joy and make Palimpsest real, for a night. Our city of selves, created when we are together. Next stop is Pandemonium Books in Boston, March 7th, 7pm. (Please note that Facebook took down the individual show pages because they were not Facebook pages for a human--if you need to know about individual shows, join the Citizens of Palimpsest group and check my appearances page.)

See you soon.
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