February 26th, 2009


Trains of Heaven

If anyone has photos of the show last night, send them to me! I'm waiting to post about it all until I have photographic evidence.

P.S. It was amazing. And packed. And. And.

But! In the meantime, those of you who are going on the train trip with s00j  and I on March 19th: we have made a community for you to get to know each other, make plans, get rides if you still need them, post requests for reading material for me to bring, activities, etc. The more you post the better the train trip will be, since the work of getting to know each other will be done, and no time needs to be spent asking the adult equivalent of: "So...what's your major?"


Go, join, ride, come!

New news: passionandsoul  is coming!!! That means rope art, kittens.
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