February 24th, 2009


Welcome to Palimpsest

Palimpsest just knocks me flat with her use of language: rich, cool, opiated language, language for stories of strange love and hallucinated cities of the mind.”
— Warren Ellis

It's never enough to merely read a book like the Palimpsest, it has to be imbibed, and its sensuality fully savoured."
--Nick Bantock
author of The Griffin and Sabine Trilogy

We can't be sad! It's Palimpsest day! Also Mardi Gras, which is highly appropriate. I get the best book-holidays. Halloween for two years running, and now Mardi Gras. Days With Masks belong to me. The day has finally arrived. Palimpsest, the virus, the body, the city, is open to visitors. My little book is all grown up and wearing fishnets in public. Attending angels are horrified by her lack of moral character and the doctors are sure she's a jezebel of the first order. So, cigars all around. So it's time for this post, which some of you know all too well and some of you don't. Everything you every wanted to know about this whip-snapping, flesh-baring succubus of a book is here, and many things you probably didn't. Here we go!

The Basics

  • First off, thank you to everyone who was part of the publicity and tour planning, the denizens of Quartered.org, everyone who blurbed it, and all who worked to make this a magical novel--this will get its own post with a long credit list, because the help and faith of so many people brought Palimpsest into the world. Most particularly, thank you to my assistant tithenai , my publicity-goddess jaborwhalky , s00j , omnisti , passionandsoul , regyt , and justbeast . Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered copies throughout the last year and followed the LJ through this whole insane process, supported me and helped this book see print. Thank you to squirrel_monkey and Matt Kressel for publishing the short story that started this long road. And to everyone who has helped in the smallest way and bore witness to the path that lead to the adventure of my writing life, which has included the blogosphere since before there was a blogosphere: thank you, thank you.
  • Palimpsest is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your local independent bookseller, and basically anywhere you care to look for books. You should be able to get it on the ground at all the big booksellers, too.
  • If you want your copy signed, mail it to me with the cost of return postage and I will sign it for you. Email me for my address if you don't already know it. Or find me on the tour at any one of the readings and conventions I'll be doing over the next year.
  • I know there are some of you who just can't afford it, but genuinely want to read it, even at Amazon's 30% off. If you really, really honestly can't afford it, I have a few spare copies and I'll consider trades. Good old bartering system.
How You Can Help (if, you know, you're inclined to do things like helping out young authors. And if you like the book, which is by no means certain.)

  • Buy the book. Obviously. I mean, this is the most direct way, and pretty important--if you haven't bought a copy already, snap one up. Sales mean I get to keep writing books and do not have to go work at Starbucks...er...have been fired from Starbucks in the past, so cannot even work there.This is a really important book for me--if it does well, I get to keep working. If not, life gets a lot harder. If you never buy another of my books, please give a thought to buying this one.
  • Link to the book in your journals/websites--colloquially known as "pimping." Please to be pimping. And if you are or have the ear of any of the high-traffic bloggers, see if they'd/you'd like to wear the pimp hat for a day. Please do get the word out, if you can. All books need help, especially if they are non-linear and not about vampires or werewolves or both. If you want me to cross-link to any of your work in exchange, let me know.
  • If you link to Palimpsest in your journals any time in the next week, send me a link and I will enter you in a drawing to win a Palimpsest Immigration Package--one of these, made by naamah_darling :

    Each of these contains a signed copy of the book, a complete line of the Starborn Alchemy Palimpsest scents, a Palimpsest pendant, an original piece of jewelry by [info]upstart_crow, a set of Palimpsest-inspired chocolates by the owner of Habeas Brulee, and many more goodies. There are only two of these in existence: email me the link to your post to be entered for one; send me a receipt showing you've bought the book to be entered for the other!

  • Come to s00j and my reading-concerts in the next months. Come and see us, be part of our tribe. As new dates are added, I'll announce them here. Tomorrow night we are at the Brooklyn Lyceum at 7pm. Saturday we are at Between Books just outside Philadelphia. Check here for upcoming date information.
  • Review it. On your blog, or elsewhere if you work for a review site or a magazine. I can send a PDF if you haven't gotten the book from my publisher--recall that my publicist was let go a few weeks back. ARCs are thin on the ground. Also, keep in mind that if you don't like the book and give it a bad review, I am not going to hate you. I promise not to flame you or call you in the middle of the night. Obviously, I hope you like it, but if you don't, you don't. It'll sting, but I won't curse your progeny unto the end of time or respond to your Amazon reviews or anything.
  • Put up a review on Amazon. Totally easy and a nice way to get the ball rolling over there. Amazon provides a couple of ways to help out--you can make a Listmania list or a So You'd Like to guide that includes Palimpsest. You can also start a discussion in the forums. But if you like the book, don't just tell me, tell Amazon.
  • Ask your local booksellers to carry it, if they don't already. This is important, as it is still hard to get into those damn chains, especially if your last book didn't do so well.
  • Join the Facebook fan community and discuss the book!
  • Use one of the icons below (credit and comment!):

That last one is by fireriven, and she has lots more variations here!

This is my third book with a New York publisher, and one of my last chances to do well by them, well enough to keep working. With the economy as it is, it's especially important, since I've been supporting my family on my writing for a little while now and that's a scary thing. This is all we have. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is read the book and talk to people about it, as much as you can. Believe me, every bit helps and is deeply, deeply appreciated.

Fun Stuff
  • Quartered is S.J. Tucker's stunning EP of music based on the book, including Shangri-La, the song from the trailer is live and ready for your devouring! Go here to download the tracks! As we travel, this work will evolve, more will be added, and you can watch us dance and evolve.
  • This is a page listing all of the marvelous tie-in art created by incredibly talented artists. Check it out, and support your indie makers of wonder!
  • Palimpsest Immigration Authority T-shirts like the one you've seen justbeast  and I wear at cons are here.
I think that's about it. Thank you to anyone who uses an icon or does any of the above Helpful Things. If there's anything I didn't cover, leave a comment and I'll try to answer.

I am in zenspace today. I hope, I so hope, that this place I've made, this place that exists between lovers, becomes real enough to touch. I hope this book makes a path for me to keep doing this for a living. I hope, more than anything, that you like it.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the book--and in case you forgot along the way what it's actually about, I leave you with the trailer:



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Wow. I go to lunch and Palimpsest hits 479 on Amazon and hits the whole damn internet at once. I am...somewhat light-headed with happiness.

It...couldn't cross into the top 100, could it? I mean, not my book, really, that's impossible...right?


Two Important things:

1. There is another place called The Lyceum in Brooklyn. It is a theater, it is not the Brooklyn Lyceum. Be sure you go to 227 4th Ave in Brooklyn tomorrow, and nowhere else. The Lyceum Theater has no idea who we are.

2. There is, per your request, a Palimpsest LJ community: immigrant_punks. If you join and post a bit, we could suggest it as a spotlight community to LJ...

And a third. Our car is gone from its space. I hope it was towed and not stolen.

EDIT: Towed. Awesome. Universe tax.

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