February 17th, 2009

c is for cat

Good Things I Have Done

I have been instructed to do this by...well, one day I will have a name for what this person means in my life, but I do not have one yet. Nevertheless.

In the last two weeks, I have:
  • Written 30,000 words of a novel.
  • Asked for three scary things, and gotten a yes on two of them, and not a no on the last.
  • Gotten well after a nasty bout of flu.
  • Beaten a hard boss in Eternal Sonata that I had been stuck at for a long time.
  • Planned a launch party
  • Made amaretto scallops over bacon, pecans, and roasted red pepper garlic mash for Valentine's Day, which involved lighting seafood on fire.
  • Wrote an email I didn't want to have to write.
  • Signed 100 bookplates.
  • Learned to knit.
  • Since Arisia, so a little more than two weeks, lost 10 pounds.